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Tech Roundup: New iPhone Accessories Unveiled, Patents Granted

GETTYApple's share price has jumped ahead of the iPhone x launch GETTYApple's share price has jumped ahead of the iPhone x launch
Carmela Zoppi | 17 Settembre, 2017, 17:07

One caveat that Rachel Rothman, Chief Technologist of the Good Housekeeping Institute says to keep in mind: While Apple usually isn't the first to market new features, their technology usually is refined and performs intuitively and elegantly, but many of the cool new features will be available just by updating your current software. "As the first wireless charging company to develop the technology, we've always envisioned a world where wireless power is ubiquitous, and we believe the popular iPhone will take wireless charging to the mainstream". Will the company simply add the new case to its inventory and sell it alongside the original $159 AirPods at the same price or with a slight markup? Both new phones also support Qi wireless charging, for instance, which means that it can just be laid onto a special charging block or furniture and it will charge up just through that contact.

Apple does give you a Lightning to USB-A cable bundled in the box but that cannot do the job.

Unfortunately, these advance charging features come at an additional price as you need to purchase Apple's in-house Lightning to USB-C cable along with a USB-C power delivery compatible wall brick to achieve the desired results.

The release of the new suite of iPhones have prompted the release of accessories for the new devices.

Siri is getting an upgrade with iOS 11, so she'll have a more lifelike voice and - hopefully - be easier to talk to.

Set to retail from Apple's online site, Apple stores, and other premium retailers for $59.95 on 20 September, the wireless revolution has arrived at long last in a form that will see wireless finally expand in the way its earlier proponents have always wanted. Will it work with Apple's new iPhones?

The feature has already been seen on recent iPads, which also require the special charger.

Powermat is the wireless charging market leader and pioneer, and the developer of inductive wireless charging.

Do I need to use wireless charging? LG's G6 and Motorola's Moto Z, Z Play, Z2 Force and Z2 Play all support wireless charging, too (the Motorola devices via moto mod).

How is wireless charging useful?

But is it worth switching up from an older handset?

Of late, Apple products have become famous - or rather the word has to be infamous - for holding back functionality. These earned Apple about $2.7bn in the third quarter. The argument has some merit but it is worth noting that charging a phone of the most critical part of using the phone daily.

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