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U.S. citizen allegedly used fake eBay sales to hide ISIS funding

FBI Docs Reveal ISIS Funneled Money Into US Through Fake eBay Transactions U.S. citizen allegedly used fake eBay sales to hide ISIS funding
Rufina Vignone | 12 Agosto, 2017, 07:10

A senior member of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) used PayPal and fake eBay transactions to send money to an alleged operative of the terrorist group in the U.S., according to an affidavit disclosed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, WSJ reports. The FBI claims that Elshinawy, in his early 30s, sold computer printers on eBay as a front in order to receive the payments through PayPal.

The Wall Street Journal reported Friday, citing a Federal Bureau of Investigation affidavit that one of the suspected recipients of the IS funds was a USA citizen by the name of Mohamed Elshinawy. Elshinawy reportedly received almost $8,700 through the use of fake computer printer sales from Islamic State associates.

The affidavit alleges that Elshinawy was part of an ISIS funding network that stretched from the United Kingdom to Bangladesh, where arrests have also been made. He has pleaded not guilty to supporting the terror group, and now is in federal custody awaiting trial.

Some of the key players in the alleged network, which also bought military-grade surveillance equipment that could be used for aerial targeting, were arrested or killed in a coordinated global sweep in December 2015.

A recently unsealed affidavit said that the suspect was part of a global network and was told to use the money for "operational purposes", meaning a possible terror attack.

A spokeswoman for PayPal Holdings Inc. said that it "invests significant time and resources in working to prevent terrorist activity on our platform...."

"We proactively report suspicious activities and respond quickly to lawful requests to support law enforcement agencies in their investigations", the company spokesman said.

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