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George Michael played snooker 'every night' in rehab

Andros Georgiou said George had been using Andros Georgiou said George had been using"hard drugs
Zaira Scannapieco | 16 Gennaio, 2017, 14:55

A police source told the paper: "Officers are stepping up the investigation into the days leading up to George's death and focusing on those who came and went to see George".

After George Michael's boyfriend Fadi Fawaz found the iconic singer's lifeless body on Christmas day, he reportedly called the police and then his nephew, Josh.

Apparently George's "team, staff and friends" popped by his riverside pad in Oxfordshire to see him, though he was never photographed outside the house.

Speaking for the first time in an interview with the Australia Daily Telegraph, the DJ claimed he rang him and said: "Oh god, I think he's dead".

However, a family member added to the publication that the time it is taking for authorities to get information on the singer's shock death has left them "fearing the worst", explaining: "I'm anxious that because everything is taking so long that it's going to be bad news. There was nothing but love in that relationship; he has been called a leech and all sorts, but he never took advantage or would do anything to hurt George".

Fadi Fawaz was criticised by the ex producer
Fadi Fawaz was criticised by the ex producer

At first, Michael's manager said he died from heart failure, however his post-mortem results were "inconclusive". Other reports had indicated that, for unknown reasons, Fawaz had slept in his vehicle the night before Michael's body was found.

The celebrity hairdresser claims he fell asleep in his auto on Christmas Eve and so can not explain what happened to Michael.

Speaking to the Daily Mail earlier this month, Fadi said: "The police have been wonderful".

But a relative said earlier this week that the former Wham! singer had attempted to break up with Fadi on numerous occasions, only to let him back into his life. "They were very much together and in love. I don't know how he'll cope without George". The aim for them is to get an accurate picture as possible of George's final days'. As you may recall, the posts on the account pointed towards Michael taking his own life.

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