Domenica, 04 Dicembre, 2016

World's oldest living person celebrates 117th birthday

Emma Morano last person alive born in 1800s turns 117 Emma Morano, last person alive born in 1800s, turns 117
Remigio Civitarese | 02 Dicembre, 2016, 12:19

The other secret to Morano's long life: separating from her husband in 1938, decades before divorce was even legal in Italy, she says.

"Who would have said it?!"

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But "weak and sick" young Emma has carried on despite what most people would consider bad eating habits.

Mr Bava admits he feels responsible for keeping Ms Morano alive. And hey, if a 117-year-old can sneak on a couple of cookies per day, who's to say you can't? Sometimes, Emma broadened her menu to include "occasional banana and grapes in season".

Morano, who has cut back to two eggs a day, lives a very simple life. "I didn't want to be dominated by anyone", Morano told AFP last month.

Ahead of her big celebration, she told Agence France-Presse she believes her diet is the key to her longevity.

Verbania's Mayor Silvia Marchionini, right, presents Emma Morano with a cake in the day of her 117th birthday in Verbania, Italy, Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2016.

Sometimes she adds in another fried one as well.

Morano also gets a lot of sleep. "She can teach us all a lesson of the value of a life well lived". But her doctor cites her consistency as a reason she's lived so long. Her nieces also make her apple sauce.

It is reported that she didn't intend to marry anyone else, but was "forced" to do so.

Emma fled an abusive husband her "beat her", and she had to make that decision in a time and place when women were supposed to be submissive.

When Emma Morano was born, Umberto I was still reigning over Italy, Fiat had only just been established and Milan Football Club was still a few weeks off creation.

Bava told Reuters TV that Morano never ate much fruit or vegateables, and that she insists on eating the same things.

It is unlikely Ms Morano will be in the audience, as she has not left her two-room flat for 20 years, but it seems certain she will be inundated with well-wishers on the day itself.

She has outlived all her eight younger siblings and now proudly boasts the Guinness World Records certificate, declaring her the oldest person alive, on her marble-topped chest of drawers.

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