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MLB players, owners have tentative labor deal

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Elettra Stolfi | 02 Dicembre, 2016, 12:39

Instead, the pennant victor with the best record will get the extra home game in the Series.

- Smokeless tobacco: It will be banned for all new players, those who now do not have at least one day of major league service. This was always going to undergo some sort of change, if just because both sides hate the current system so much. And some of the teams that are trying to win (Arizona and Miami for instance) aren't doing it because they're incompetent.

The new agreement includes a provision that the All-Star game will no longer determine home field advantage for the World Series. Get the best surviving record, host the biggest games. There will be stiffer penalties for teams that exceed the tax by a large amount.

Some of the early reports from some of the national media painted a pretty bleak picture for Royals fans. The Red Sox are among one of a handful of big-spending teams will surely be keeping an eye on these numbers as they seek to sign free agents in the future. Well, Ken Rosenthal failed to read the fine print.

MLB Network's Jon Morosi said teams would no longer forfeit a first-round pick to sign a free agent. If a team loses a player, they would only get a qualifying offer pick if the player receives a $50 Million contract or more.

Another important change: The minimum time for a stint on the disabled list will be reduced from 15 days to 10.

Teams losing free agents that they have offered the qualifying offer to will now receive a draft pick determined by the size of the contract that free agent player ends up signing.

Jon Heyman of FanRag Sports reported an global draft is not part of the new CBA, and teams will be limited to between $5 million to $6 million for worldwide signings.

Along with luxury tax threshold increases, details that have emerged regarding the new agreement include roster expansion discussions and the handling of worldwide free agency.

Is the luxury tax remaining in place? So, it makes flawless sense. The current threshold of $189 million will grow to $195 million next year and to just $210 million in Year 5 of the deal. It'll then reach $210MM over the five-year span. What's more, teams that are over the threshold by more than 20 percent will now have to pay additional surtaxes.

"There are actually three categories of teams in assessing the loss of a pick". Revenue-sharing recipients would lose their third-highest selection (not necessarily a third-round choice).

Will there be an global draft? "And all other teams would stand to give up their second-highest pick along with $500K in worldwide bonus funds".

Again, this seems like a good idea to level the playing field. Many quick-take reactions to the new deal have claimed that the players didn't get enough out of this CBA, and while there might be some truth to that (the way team control is set up, most non-superstar players still will only reach free agency once in their career, and it's usually when they're past their peak), the players union stuck to their guns on the worldwide draft in a way that was surprising.

Details are still coming in but at this point there are a few key changes from the last CBA.

I hated the introduction of the draft slotting system, and I still hate it now.

For small market teams, however, it's a competitive balance issue.

In announcing the agreement, Major League Baseball said it will make specific terms available when drafting is complete.

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