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Donald Trump Pledges To Unite 'Very Divided Nation' At First Victory Rally

Trump 'thank you' tour to start Thursday in Cincinnati Trump to Kick Off 'Thank You Tour' in Ohio on Thursday: Source
Rufina Vignone | 02 Dicembre, 2016, 12:17

"He is now the president-elect of the United States".

He has interviewed several candidates for secretary of state, including the 2012 Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, who attacked Trump throughout the 2016 campaigns but lately has spoken glowingly of the president-elect. He boasted about his election win, which defied the pundits who said he had no path to 270 electoral votes.

But in his speech, the president-elect said: "We will repeal and replace Obamacare". Or will he revert to the campaign Trump, flying off the teleprompter with inflammatory remarks and encouraging raucous crowds chanting "Build the wall" and vilifying critics?

Despite Trump's deal, employers elsewhere in IN are laying off five times that many workers because of foreign competition.

The president-elect also announced his plan to nominate retired Gen. James Mattis as his defense secretary and reiterated his stance on punishing citizens who burn the American flag. "He's the closest thing we have to Patton and it's about time".

Cincinnati was Trump's second stop on his "thank-you tour".

"We didn't break it, we shattered it!"

"I am just really the messenger, although I have been a pretty good messenger", Trump said.

Some no doubt considered Donald Trump's rally Thursday evening a bit obscene.

"Hey, in the great state of OH, we didn't have the upper echelon of politician either did we?" But he backed off of those threats after winning the election, saying "I don't want to hurt the Clintons".

Since he won the election on November 8, Donald Trump has been feeling a major emptiness in his life where once the roar of adoring crowds once was. "We seek peace and harmony with the nations of the world, but that means recognizing the right of every country, including our own, to look after its citizens". He joked too that he and his backers "did have a lot of fun fighting Hillary, didn't we?" He smiled broadly but did not react to the crowd's chants of "Lock her up!" that followed. Trump once said he would appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Clinton's use of a private email server, and even said during the second debate "you'd be in jail" under his administration. They say it is an opportunity for Trump to get back out in the country and connect with those who helped elect him president. "But I tell you what, let's put that behind us, let's bury it".

The Trump team has also tapped a series of experienced Washington hands to oversee the transfer of power within government departments and agencies.

Trump told the crowd it is "an exciting time to be alive" and that "the script is not yet written". Speaker after speaker before Trump arrived made similar points.

"United we stand, divided we fall", Bevin said. I am grateful for all of your support.

Trump's campaign often pointed to the size of his rallies as indications that the polls were wrong and that there was a "movement" afoot.Yet his tour is an unusual move for a president-elect.

That decision came after Trump, during the long presidential campaign, publicly called on the company to retain the jobs in Indianapolis and threatened to punish American companies that move operations overseas with stiff import tariffs.

"People are pouring in from regions of the Middle East - we have not idea who they are, where they come from what they are thinking and we are going to step that dead cold".

Before landing in Ohio, Mr Trump and Mike Pence, the vice president-elect will head to in to announce that Carrier, an air conditioning company in the state has made a decision to keep jobs previously bound for Mexico. "Your governor, John Kasich, called me after the election and he said, 'Congratulations, that was fantastic.' He couldn't believe how much we won OH by or how much we won the election by". He spent 17 days in OH after clinching the nomination on May 26 and five days there during the final month of the campaign. "Trump has shed light on key pieces of his transition, like who he's considering for his cabinet and his plans for his first hundred days in office, through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, instead of through the mainstream media".

He stopped in Indianapolis earlier on Thursday to celebrate his deal with the heating and air conditioning company to keep more than 1,000 factory jobs in the state.

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