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Aleppo rebels form new alliance to halt ferocious government assault

On Monday Tobias Ellwood a foreign office minister said British aircraft would face being shot down if they were used to drop aid in Aleppo Aleppo rebels form new alliance to halt ferocious government assault
Rufina Vignone | 02 Dicembre, 2016, 12:40

It was the second time the Jub al-Quba neighborhood, in the historic district of the rebel-held eastern side of the city, was struck in as many days.

The group said a government artillery attack on a housing area on Wednesday morning, where those displaced by the fighting had sought refuge, killed at least 21 people.

Russian Federation is the most powerful ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime and has since September 2015 carried out airstrikes to prop up the embattled leader.

The rebels had held this area of land since 2012 but as Kurdish troops close in from the north in the latest push by government forces, they won back as much as a third of the territory the.

The president of the Aleppo district councils has issued a "cry of suffering" on behalf of civilians after a Paris meeting with France's foreign minister, who assessed the suffering in Syria as "probably one of the most violent tragedies since World War II".

The International Committee of the Red Cross said about 20,000 had fled in the past four days, while the Syrian Observatory put the figure at more than 50,000.

Around 200,000 people remain in eastern Aleppo.

A senior official in the pro-Damascus military alliance says Syria and its allies aim to drive rebels from Aleppo before Donald Trump takes office in January.

The U.N. envoy for Syria says the United Nations and its humanitarian aid partners are strengthening their presence in government-controlled western Aleppo, hoping to "make a difference" in the city's besieged, rebel-held east.

Another 48 civilians have been killed in west Aleppo, according to the monitor.

The Lebanese Al-Manar TV channel reported from the Aleppo countryside that pro-government forces were advancing in the southern portion of the city's rebel enclave. Fifty-three people were killed on Tuesday, and another 45 had died by Wednesday afternoon, the Aleppo Media Center activist group said.

Syrian and worldwide aid agencies operating in those areas meanwhile tried to mobilise resources to help civilians crossing the frontlines in search of safety.

Russian Federation was criticised at Wednesday's UN Security Council meeting on Syria, with British ambassador Matthew Rycroft accusing Moscow of supporting "a deliberate act of starvation and a deliberate withholding of medical care".

"The regime and their supporters have made a decision to accelerate their barbaric military strategy against their own population to retake eastern Aleppo, whatever the cost in terms of human lives", French U.N. Ambassador Francois Delattre told reporters. "They ask for a plate, or some sheets", Alhamdo said.

"Pounded by accelerating bombardment, deliberately deprived of food and medical care, many of them - including small children - report that they are simply waiting for death", he said".

The violence in Aleppo has sparked widespread outrage at the regime, but also at its steadfast supporter Moscow. "Rebels denied this, saying the government's advance had been repelled".

Moscow has been a staunch defender of the Syrian government and says its military involvement in the country is created to stamp out IS and other extremists.

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