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Iraq Commanders Weigh Tactical Shift in Mosul

An Iraqi injured man who was wounded by a mortar shell lies covered by blankets on the front of an Iraqi forces humvee as they bring him for treatment In drawn-out battle of Mosul, limits of Iraqi military show
Rufina Vignone | 01 Dicembre, 2016, 06:59

Major General Abdul Ghani al-Asadi, a top commander in the Iraqi special forces, told Reuters 990 militants had been killed in fighting in the east so far.

An Iraqi soldier searches a house during clashes with Islamic State fighters in Al-Qasar, southeast of Mosul. Suicide auto bombers detonated charges that shook the ground 1 km away, killing at least two soldiers and wounding at least 20 who were taken to an aid station, many in shock and with shrapnel wounds.

Iraqi special forces have killed almost 1,000 militants so far, Major General Abdul Ghani al-Asadi, a commander of elite counter-terrorism troops told Reuters.

The presence of the Hashd Shaabi units near Tal Afar enabled them to cut off the IS supply routes from the west side of Mosul, and allowed both the paramilitary units and other Iraqi and Kurdish security forces to entirely isolate and surround the city Mosul.

Information received by the United Nations also showed that the terrorists publicly shot to death 27 civilians in the Muhandiseen Park in northern Mosul on November 25. An alliance of Iraqi forces, backed by US -led air power, have surrounded it and elite troops have seized eastern districts, but face deadly and determined resistance.

Displaced Iraqis (L), who fled Daesh stronghold of Mosul, throw aid supplies from inside Khazer camp to their displaced relatives who are waiting for permission to enter the camp, in Iraq November 26, 2016.

Iraq's air forces launched a number of air-strikes Tuesday that targeted sites of the so-called Islamic State (IS) in Mosul, killing 49 IS militants as a result, the army announced.

Hundreds of thousands of people were meanwhile without water in eastern Mosul Tuesday, residents and officials said, raising fears of a major health crisis in the war-torn Iraqi city.

A healthcare worker said militants had forcibly taken over an office at the clinic and that several had been there at the time of the attack, along with about 50 patients.

Authorities have said it is too unsafe to carry out repairs in the war torn city, which is already facing desperate food shortages.

"We are facing a humanitarian catastrophe", said Hussam al-Abar, a member of Mosul's Nineveh provincial council, adding that 1.5 million people were still inside Mosul.

Iraqi commanders said around 40 percent of the eastern half of Mosul has been retaken from the jihadis since a huge offensive began on October 17. "We need the help of worldwide organisations for the hospitals".

There were also reports of IS fighters shooting at fleeing civilians, including a November 22 report of an IS sniper killing a seven-year-old child who was running toward the Iraqi military's lines in eastern Mosul's Adan neighborhood. And the head of this terrorist organization is Mosul.

The extremist groups frequently infiltrated behind the advanced CTS forces using tunnels or sneaking through dozens of houses and buildings.

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