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Could Legalizing Pot Diminish California's Gains Against Smoking?

Elettra Stolfi | 20 Novembre, 2016, 23:42

While some estimates say the state could lose tens of millions in tax revenue, Kinney thinks that number is only in the hundreds of thousands, because the number of medical marijuana users who have state issued ID cards is only a few thousand. Eight states and Washington, D.C., have legalized marijuana, while 39 states have some form of law legitimizing medical marijuana. According to the Arcview Group, legalization will more than double the size of the state's pot market, from $2.8 billion previous year to $6.5 billion by 2020.

Tablet computers give provide information on the edibles at the MedMen marijuana dispensary on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood.

Voters approved Proposition 64 by a healthy margin on November 8, meaning Californians are free to consume cannabis on private property, carry up to an ounce and grow up to six plants at home. Prescribing cannabis to alleviate pain caused by specific illnesses has become more widely accepted in the medical community.

Some Wisconsin municipalities have essentially decriminalized recreational marijuana use, recognizing that locking up more non-violent drug offenders has proven to be an abject failure and an unnecessary waste of taxpayer dollars.

She admitted she has concerns about being involved with an industry that isn't recognized under federal law.

"I purposely renewed my registration this month", said Goldman. "I'm going to take that stand". And while the fates of medical growers statewide look to be only improving as they seize opportunities to shift into the enormous recreational market, Trip has seen two of his three marijuana grows raided and shut down this year, and is watching his profits dwindling. The study also found that youths who saw messages about the benefits of marijuana were more likely to use it. That amount is expected to more than triple, to $21.8 billion, by 2020. A fee that one medical marijuana patient said isn't worth the hassle. "They can't make them keep those laws on the books".

"It's a constant struggle", said Jamie Feaster, Eaze's head of marketing.

Just as that dig at cannabis is, far and away, the least alarming thing about that quote, so Sessions's racism, more broadly, is far more concerning than his passion for the drug war. "You can't have the president of the United States of America talking about marijuana like it is no different than taking a drink, saying I used marijuana when I was in high school and it is no different than smoking", he said.

Niche marijuana-focused investment firms such as Gateway, Poseidon Asset Management, Electrum Partners and rapper Snoop Dogg's Casa Verde Capital have rushed to fill the gap.

"The resulting revenue loss for 2017 is estimated to be as much as $49.5 million", said board member Jerome Horton, citing the total tax revenue collected from 1,632 dispensaries in 2014.

Nor can the federal government force state law enforcement to go after people for exclusively federal crimes. The marijuana industry has real reason to be nervous. Other cities acted just before or after the election, enacting similar measures that control marijuana sales and growth.

Tobacco companies could easily try to exploit that to enter the marijuana market, Jackler said.

In California, where Proposition 64 passed with 56 percent of the electorate, voters had not only legalized marijuana but, in the words of the organization's California State Director, Lynne Lyman, "eliminated almost every marijuana violation on the books".

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