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Bill O'Reilly 'not interested' in Megyn Kelly's accusations against Ailes

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Zaira Scannapieco | 17 Novembre, 2016, 13:09

"As much as I love my job, I love those three little lives that my husband and I have brought into the world", she said. Once, when she pushed him away, Ailes asked "When is your contract up?" according to Kelly. I'm not going to buy into let's use the Fox News channel as a pinata.

And my belief is that Trump was genuinely angry with me, but also was trying to bait me into disqualifying myself from covering him.

In a TV interview Wednesday morning, Kelly said it was not her that was making Fox News "look bad". I've only been in the television industry for 12 months.

"I want to be very candid here".

By far, the tweet that bothered me the most was that of Trump's top lawyer, Michael Cohen, who's a senior executive with the Trump organization.

On Monday afternoon Ailes said in a new statement, "I categorically deny the allegations Megyn Kelly makes about me".

Would she take less money to go to another network?

"It has been a dark year, but I can also put it in perspective", she told TODAY in an interview with Savannah Guthrie. "For the next nine years, we had a professional relationship in which he was, for the most part, a supportive boss, who mentored and looked out for me".

O'Reilly grew increasingly stern and slowed his speech as he continued answering CBS' Norah O'Donnell's question: "OK?

And I am proud of them that they feel as I do, which is sunlight is the best disinfectant", Kelly said of the company's owners.

KELLY: Yeah - that this is an unusual situation; because normally, the chief of staff would be the one who is.

"A woman can be harassed and go on to have a good working relationship with the man harassing her, and that is what happened in my case", she said.

Kelly also, in a way, defended Trump's character, saying that while he attacked her in a way that showed he can be "vindictive", the fact that they eventually patched things up shows he's not that bad, really.

Obviously, Trump followed through on that alleged threat, frequently mocking and insulting Kelly online during the primaries.

Trump retweeted the message calling Kelly a "bimbo" not long after she came out with her sexual assault accusations. Kelly remarked she "was glad that he was able to let it go". "And so in a way, this past year has been a chance to build those muscles", she said.

Megyn Kelly says covering Donald Trump's presidential campaign tested her both as a person and as a journalist.

"I'm not Bill O'Reilly", I explained to him. The two discussed how things would play out and she left confident in preparing for the interview. "Blood coming out of her wherever".

When asked about meeting Donald Trump at Trump Tower to talk off the record, she said: "To me it was an empowering moment".

She says she's faced sexual harassment. He wants to hurt me'. However, Roger began pushing the limits well beyond humor; beyond anything I'd experienced, introducing explicit sexual innuendo into our conversations. New York Magazine reported on Megyn's feelings about Trump's election: "I think you'll never have a result this shocking, where people got it so wrong".

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