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Chicago Cubs Fan Dies After a 'Trust Fall' off Pole Goes Wrong

CLEVELAND OH- NOVEMBER 02 Corey Kluber #28 of the Cleveland Indians walks to the dugout after being relieved during the fifth inning against the Chicago Cubs in Game Seven of the 2016 World Series at Progressive Field Hoyer defends Maddon's decision-making in World Series
Elettra Stolfi | 10 Novembre, 2016, 18:59

"At least let them win one game at Wrigley", I muttered to myself during game five, considering the team hadn't won a World Series game at home since 1945.

But the Seahawks had to hold on in the final seconds as Buffalo quarterback Tyrod Taylor led the Bills inside the Seattle 10 in the final seconds.

When my grandfather passed away in 2008, my father turned to me all teary eyed and said, "He never saw the Cubs win".

During his tenure in Chicago, Cubs President Theo Epstein has transformed the team from doormat to top dog in the baseball world, and on Monday night he received one of the sport's most prestigious honors.

"It means a lot". The Cubs not winning for 108 years brought so much pain to the city, despite the success it had in other sports.This was the same city that won six National Basketball Association titles under leadership of Michael Jordan, the greatest to ever play the game. "It's hundreds of people and thousands of small sacrifices that no one sees that makes a great baseball operation".

The award was presented at the league's general managers meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona.

In 2004, the Boston Red Sox defeated the St. Louis Cardinals, which lifted the 86-season-long Curse of the Bambino.

In my mind, it was probably the most entertaining and most memorable World Series game that has ever been played.

Even after defeat, and now the current holder of the longest drought in the Major League Baseball at 68 years, I somehow still have hope that one day I will get to see just one World Series title return to Cleveland.

"I think it was an appropriate way to end a 108-year drought, when you stare into the abyss for 45 minutes and end up coming out the other side and won the game", he said.

So apparently, when your favorite team wins the "big one", you get congratulated. The ratings will go down, money will be lost, average sports fans will disappear again and they will lose a story that baseball cherished for so long.

I recently bought a new blue hooded sweatshirt, a color that tends to work well with my complexion and my eye color. And the way things are looking for Cleveland this season in the National Basketball Association, not too many average sports fans are feeling sorry for that city right now. It's a pretty great feeling and then back to reality.

"But you look at what (the Cubs have) been able to accomplish and it looks like they have a pretty long run ahead right now".

"It was interesting, because both teams were in droughts for a World Series so seeing them on top was cool", Tolbert said. "It does validate the initial title if you can back it up". We love you, but you nearly gave us a heart attack. "The Braves: Every year you thought about October, you knew that the Braves were going to be there". Davis's homer was the first homerun given up by Chapman since mid- June, when Chapman was still with the New York Yankees.

Game six came and went with another Chicago win and my beliefs confirmed that I needed to wear the sweatshirt, no matter what.

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