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Psychic goat predicts the next United States president

This Psychic Scottish Goat Knows Who’s Going To Win The US Election This Psychic Scottish Goat Knows Who’s Going To Win The US Election
Carmela Zoppi | 08 Novembre, 2016, 17:42

A fortune telling billy goat has cast his psychic vote to predict who the next USA president will be.

Boots the goat does stunts normally tackled by performing dogs - and he has one trick up his sleeve that even the pooches won't attempt.

As sophisticated pollsters forecast the outcome of the 2016 election, meanwhile a "psychic" goat has wordlessly weighed in with its own prediction.

He correctly foresaw the result of the Brexit vote in June, simply choosing from two pieces of paper with answers on each.

In the next 24 hours we will know who will become the most powerful person in the world, and we at The London Economic are unashamedly anti-Trump, so an animal who agrees with us is a positive, no matter how weird it is.

"He has been correct in the past so I definitely think his prediction may be popular in America". "I don't think there's another performing goat in the whole of Scotland", Zacharias said, "so he's very special".

After being rejected by his mom after he was born, Sue took care of him and they have been now working together for almost three years.

And his animal instinct?

The marine science researchers at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida track the migration of a few tagged mako sharks in the Atlantic Ocean and they dubbed two of them "Clinton Shark" and "Trump Shark" to see which would cover the most distance.

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