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National Football League admits Campbell hit on Newton should have been a flag

Image title Cam Newton Says He's Going To Play His Game
Elettra Stolfi | 08 Novembre, 2016, 07:25

Cam Newton's bad season hit a new low in last week's 41-38 loss to the New Orleans Saints.

If it's a given that NFL officials will be criticized now and then, such bad-mouthing becomes that much more significant when some of the league's most prominent voices - Cam Newton, Richard Sherman, Josh Norman - rise in unison to complain about the men in stripes.

"It's really taking the fun out of the game for me", he said after the game. "Honestly, it really is because at times I don't even feel safe and enough is enough". "And enough is enough". Per Pro Football Talk, the league has missed more calls on 11 other quarterbacks.

"I don't think they should be playing the game if you're anxious about being safe", he said. And according to ESPN's Ed Werder, the league did find that one of the hits against Newton from Sunday's game should have been flagged.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton got hit on Tuesday by two Hall of Famers that said he should stop complaining about being hit in the pocket. Cam takes hits in most games that would get players suspended if they hit Tom Brady or Drew Brees that way. If we do something derogatory to someone else, we get fined. And I just can't keep accepting "Oh, we missed that one", or "I apologize for doing that", or "I didn't see it".

"I think he overreacted to the low hit from (Cardinals DE) Calais (Campbell), which, I've heard different things, should have been called, should not have been called".

In Carolina's season-opening game against the Denver Broncos, Newton absorbed hits from Brandon Marshall and Darian Stewart that resulted in those players being fined by the NFL.

"He could have torn my ACL", he said. "That was the breaking point for me".

Rivera said Monday he has had ongoing discussions with NFL officials, as well as commissioner Roger Goodell, about late hits on the reigning NFL MVP. No penalty was called and Newton was visibly frustrated after the play.

Those are difficult-to-track numbers that likely came from the NFL's officiating department, whose head - Dean Blandino - the NFL Network also (not coincidentally) reported would be willing to speak with Newton in place of Goodell to "provide further clarity".

Asked if they were concerned that the Rams might come under greater scrutiny in the immediate aftermath of Newton's comments, Fisher and Rams players said no.

"The old-time school guys, Warren Moon and [Troy] Aikman and [Brett] Favre, they weren't talking about guys hitting them around their knees and ankles in the pocket". However, Newton is displeased with the progress and called the Week 8 win the tipping point. Prior to the Hochuli game, Newton was the beneficiary of about 5.3 roughing-the-passer calls for every 16 games, almost twice the National Football League average (3.0). For every hit they get a call, I can match a hit in my career that I didn't get a call. I was just tearing off a block at the last second trying to do my job. You've got to play the game.

The Panthers broke a four-game losing streak.

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