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Michael Jackson's Alleged Molestation Victim On the Hunt for $20 Mil Boy

Michael Jackson with Lily and Jordan Chandler REX FEATURES FAMILY TIES Michael Jackson with Lily and Jordan Chandler
Zaira Scannapieco | 08 Novembre, 2016, 08:10

The only problem is that Robson's lawyers have been unable to track down Jordan Chandler, so they're hoping to get the deposition of Jordan's sister, Lily, to find out if she knows where Jordan is and if she ever witnessed anything untoward at the ranch.

Wade Robson, a choreographer/producer is suing MJ, claiming he was molested by Jackson for 7 years at the Neverland Ranch. starting when he was 7.

According to TMZ, Robson wants the deposition of Jackson's most famous accuser, Jordan Chandler (who settled for $20 million back in 1993).

Moreover, Lily, who began visiting Neverland Ranch at the age of 5, has said that she has no memory about any sexual abuse that might have taken place at the ranch.

The Chandler family has in the past received a barrage of abuse from admirers of the King of Pop.

But Lily has asked the judge to block the request - reportedly over fears of a backlash from Jackson fans.

One of the email exhibits attached by Lily shows the anger of Michael's fans towards her brother.

"F*** you Jordan. U destroyed the king but karma is a bitch. your time will come", the email read, according to TMZ. A judge is yet to rule on the case, but as you can see, things are very complicated.

The full details of the agreement between the family and the singer have never been revealed.

Reports claimed that Chandler was given a new identity and life in NY after the settlement.

But Robson - who choreographed several Britney Spears hits, including Oops.I Did It Again - has asked the court and Jackson's estate to release all details connecting him to child abuse.

From the 1980s Jackson struck business and personal deals with kids and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are said to hold papers which detail how the Grammy-winner paid out as much as £23million.

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