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Final polls: Clinton leads Trump by slim margin heading into Election Day

Rufina Vignone | 08 Novembre, 2016, 08:13

Today, America might be electing the "lesser of the evils" once the battle of rhetoric is over, the newly-elected President of the United States will have to talk policy and leave the bickering to the rest. "She will work, she will deliver". If Trump's putting "American first" motto resonated among the blue collar workers, his logistically impossible and politically-disastrous proposal to build a border wall to stop immigration managed to alienate the huge Hispanic population.

"I'm here to ask you to vote for yourself, for your families - vote for your futures", Clinton said. Up at the University of New Hampshire, one of her top surrogates, President Obama, will speak this afternoon. "It is in our hands", she said.

OH does now seem like a jump ball, but we lean toward Clinton winning there because of the strength of her get-out-the-vote operation. Trump, meanwhile, voiced new confidence as he brought his campaign - and his dark visions of a rigged American economic and political system- to longtime Democratic strongholds.

"Hillary is the face of failure".

If the answer is no, it could hobble Clinton in key states - particularly Florida and North Carolina.

The race for the White House is tight, but most political prognosticators believe Clinton has the edge because of the latest flurry of national and battleground states polls and because of the Democrat's superior ground game.

"If we don't won't mean a damn thing", he said. Half the country thinks Clinton is a crook, and the other half thinks Trump is a racist and misogynist.

Security is expected to be tight as Americans go to the polls after USA authorities received intelligence of a possible pre-election al Qaida attack, and m ore than 5,000 police officers will be assigned to secure midtown Manhattan. Take for example the ad that features Bruce Blair, a former nuclear missile launch officer, who questions whether Trump can be trusted with nuclear weapons.

The stock market surged Monday, with investors expecting Hillary Clinton to defeat Donald Trump in Tuesday's presidential election - but financiers are also bracing for Republicans to retain at least the House of Representatives, meaning a divided government for at least two years. Trump has been making a strong push there amid narrowing polls.

The FBI's handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation has created more turmoil for the bureau than any other matter in recent history, exposing internal tensions with the Justice Department and stirring concerns the famously apolitical organization unnecessarily injected itself into the campaign.

"Our strategy these last few days is to focus on the states where voting overwhelmingly happens on Election Day", Mook said on CNN's "New Day". President Barack Obama beat GOP nominee Mitt Romney in 2012 by 4 percentage points, but that translated into a 126-electoral vote victory.

Voting statistics will be updated throughout the day as county elections offices continue reporting numbers. Donald Trump has been kind of running to each and every state it seems.

In Nevada, where more than three-fourths of expected ballots have been cast, Democrats also lead, 42 percent to 36 percent.

Any combination of two losses in the three states of Florida, Michigan and Pennsylvania would nearly assuredly result in a Clinton victory. Trump has 204 votes from states that are solidly in his column or leaning that way.

In the latest CNN Poll of Polls data in the swing states, Clinton leads 45% to 43% in North Carolina, the rivals are tied at 45% in Florida and Clinton leads by five points in Pennsylvania, a state Trump hopes to turn red.

In the four-way race, Clinton leads Trump 48-44 percent, with Johnson at 3 percent and Stein at 2 percent.

Barack Obama will remain in the White House until January 20 when the election victor will take the oath of office and become the 45th president of the United States.

In stunning fashion, Comey has injected the Federal Bureau of Investigation, meant to be politically neutral, into the thick of the 2016 USA presidential race, making a series of announcements on the inquiry. For U.S. Senate, Republican Marco Rubio has a seven-point edge over Democrat Patrick Murphy. Because I moved our majority to put out a very specific and coherent agenda.

Well, we'll all know by tomorrow night who is correct.

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