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Scott D. Pierce: It's time to give up on 'The Walking Dead'

Zaira Scannapieco | 02 Novembre, 2016, 20:46

Fans of the Walking Dead comics will know that Glenn died at the hands of Negan in issue 100, in a almost identical way to his on screen death.

Abraham and Glenn has been brutally beaten by Negan's bat Lucille to death during the entrance of "The Walking Dead" Season 7.

In this video, Maggie is the person chosen to be killed by Negan.

It's unclear who leaked the footage, part of which appears to be conspicuously blocked by a piece of on-set equipment.

A YouTube sneak peek clip from this week's second episode of The Walking Dead Season 7 shows exactly where Morgan and Carol are.

The Walking Dead fans were left gob-smacked after watching the season seven premiere.

Last Sunday, October 23, 2016, avid watchers of the TV series entitled "The Walking Dead" aired its premiere episode of its seventh series with mind-blowing scenes and a lot of deaths. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly though, Steven Yeun has implored fans not to blame Daryl, and absolved the character of blame. Will she die like Glenn when despite how deadly the beatings were - he did not die from them?

And we were given a look at Glenn with his head split open, his eye bulging out, telling his wife, Maggie, "I'll find you" before Negan finished the job. Indeed, the character has been present since the very first episode and was a favorite of the fans.

I'm hoping nothing like this is going to happen to Maggie anytime soon, but it is interesting to see this "what if?" version of Negan's first kill. Rick believes he's in charge, but with Negan's psychopathic rule, Rick is just another one of the survivors who are now led by an ultimate evil. "He's so phenomenal and I'm honored to share that with him", Yeun said afterwards. From now on, nothing will ever be the same, but things must go on! If we are lucky, we might get to see Shiva as well.

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