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Shayne Ward left humiliated by leaked sex tape

Shayne Ward Shayne Ward is left 'humiliated after video of him pleasuring himself is leaked online'
Rufina Vignone | 20 Ottobre, 2016, 13:20

The latest celebrity on the list of leaks is Shayne Ward after his sex tape leaked online yesterday, and he's probably been left red-faced by the whole situation.

Shayne has won a raft of awards for his role as Aiden Connor in Coronation Street The former X Factor victor, who recently signed another year-long contract for Corrie, has become the latest in a line of male celebrities to be catfished in this way.

A CelebrityBusted Twitter account, which has now been deleted from the site, allegedly offered to SELL copies of the video recently.

According to The Sun newspaper, a source has said that the video is years old, but it doesn't mean Shayne is any less humiliated at the fact that it has made its way online.

The latest is of the much-loved actor pleasuring himself, is from years ago and was allegedly sent to a woman at a time when he was single.

Shayne Ward is left 'humiliated after video of him pleasuring himself is leaked online'

'He can't believe anyone would do this.

"He thought it was a private chat and a one-off and only realized he had been catfished after the video emerged today".

Former X Factor victor Shayne, shocked his fans when he took to Twitter last week to share the couple's good news, saying that he was "overjoyed". Last week, Sam Callahan opened up about the recording of him pleasuring himself that was uploaded to the same Twitter account. "I was an only a teenage lad, I hold my hands up".

Sophie and Shayne went public when they started dating in March, several months after her split from husband Graeme Rooney. They are also expecting their first child together.

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