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WikiLeak'ed Emails Show Hillary Has the Media in Her Pocket

Trump Hillary has to go to jail POOL via CNN
Elettra Stolfi | 19 Ottobre, 2016, 22:23

Hillary Clinton promised a positive approach by her campaign in the final four weeks of what has been a vitriolic race for president, telling south Coloradans that all Donald Trump and his team "have left" is negativity.

"Many of the most powerful elements of the conservative movement are all Catholic - many converts". Halpin added, "They must be attracted to the systematic thought and severely backwards gender relations and must be totally unaware of Christian democracy". In the email exchange, Jennifer Palmieri said that Catholics think that being Cahtholic is the most socially acceptable conservative religion.

"Let Hillary Clinton stand up here for an hour and talk the way I talk, and let's see how long she lasts, folks", Trump said.

Podesta was ridiculed for failing to change his passwords after Wikileaks began releasing his emails.

The emails, which Clinton alleges was hacked by Russians, show the Democratic nominee's campaign chairman John Podesta was in contact with the Department of Justice during its investigation into Clinton's private email server.

Trump unleashed on his Democratic opponent, as well as some Republican leaders, at a rally in Florida.

While there have been no major damaging revelations, the massive leak does lift the veil on Team Clinton's inner workings.

Clinton's campaign has refused to verify the authenticity of the emails, which stretch back for years, claiming that their release is evidence of Russian Federation in a bid to help Trump win White House.

Clinton headed out west as she faces more tough questions amid the latest hack, reportedly belonging to campaign chairman John Podesta, who says the FBI is investigating.

The email goes on to say that Pena endorsed Barack Obama during the president's 2008 White House run ("the only candidate that asked for his support was Obama, so he endorsed.") and says that Pena's new wife is a fervent supporter of Clinton's current White House bid. "At this point she owns it, she's done nothing about it, she is the issue at this point".

Clinton's campaign said the FBI was investigating who hacked Podesta's email.

Hillary Clinton's emails have been the source of much debate and scrutiny during this presidential campaign, and now the public is seeing more from the campaign itself.

Trump allies, in a conference call organized by his campaign, compared the email exchange to the persecution of the Irish in the early 19th century. Clinton spokesman also called it a "faux controversy" because Palmieri is Catholic herself.

"Stone pointed his finger at me, and said that I could expect some treatment that would expose me and ultimately sent out a tweet that said it would be my time in the barrel", Podesta told reporters Tuesday.

In August 2015, days before she turned over her personal email server to FBI investigators, Clinton's aides nervously hashed over how to soften the blow in an official campaign statement about the ongoing controversy, the hacked emails show.

Those thousands of emails are still out there, though, and forum trolls may have used them to remotely wipe Podesta's phone.

The emails illustrate "the open anti-Catholic bigotry of her senior advisers, who attack the deeply held beliefs and theology of Catholics", said liaison Joseph Cella, who is the founder of the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast.

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