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What Is Anhydrous Ammonia? In Nebraska, Tekamah Leak Causes Death And Evacuations

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DECATUR, Neb. - The farmer who died checking into a pipeline leak of the deadly gas anhydrous ammonia was well-known among his neighbors for his friendly, involved nature.

"At 9:36 pm, Magellan Midstream Partners, pipeline owners, advised that they had personnel en route", said Sheriff Pickell. A meeting is scheduled for 2 Decatur to update landowners who were evacuated on the progress of the pipeline fix and air quality readings. Company says it wants to isolate the failed portion of the 8-inch-diamer pipeline, which will allow local roads to reopen.

Tekamah is a little more than 40 miles north of Omaha.

He didn't think much about it until late Monday night, when a set of flashing lights came up his drive. It was a couple Decatur volunteer firefighters. Because anhydrous ammonia continued to leak Tuesday, the highway was to remain closed into today, said Bruce Heine of Magellan Midstream Partners, the pipeline company. There was a poisonous cloud of gas in the area and they needed to leave.

59-year-old Philip Hennig of Tekamah, NE died Monday night.

Anhydrous is widely used as fertilizer and is transported as a liquid but turns into a gas when released.

Burt County has several pipelines that take pressurized anhydrous ammonia from a manufacturer to a distributor, said John Wilson, an extension educator in the county. "They started calling 911". Many believe Hennig was looking out for his neighbors Tuesday, checking on the unusual smell when he was overcome with toxic gas. The residents may be able to return home Thursday evening, officials said.

Tekamah is located in northeast Nebraska.

Officials say Hennig was exposed when he drove through the affected area. No other injuries have been reported.

Magellan says their representatives are now working with affected residents to cover all relevant expenses associated with the evacuation with the intent of returning the residents to their homes as soon as possible. The company, which is working with state and federal regulators, is investigating the cause of the leak.

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