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SAA bans 'exploding' Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones on flights

Samsung to compensate Galaxy Note 7 parts suppliers Business Samsung to compensate Galaxy Note 7 parts suppliers Reuters file
Carmela Zoppi | 19 Ottobre, 2016, 22:46

A company statement said that they are "putting consumer safety as top priority" by stopping the production of this phone completely as of now and from now on.

So why are Samsung Galaxy Note 7 batteries exploding?

The customer service booths will allow passengers to switch out their recalled Galaxy Note 7 (along with the data on it) to another Samsung device.

Meanwhile, Samsung has seen a low rate of exchanges in South Korea since it began advising owners of the Note 7 to immediately power down and swap it for another smartphone.

On October 3, a Southwest airline from Louisville to Baltimore in the United States, was evacuated when a Note 7 phone caught fire and filled the cabin of the plane with smoke.

Now there's another way to return your Note 7, and frequent travelers will be very happy to hear that Samsung is setting up Note 7 exchange booths at major airports around the world.

Qantas, Jetstar, Virgin Austraila and Tiger have banned Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from all flights due to potential fire risk. The company also offered the owner, Zhang Sitong, an additional chunk of change in an effort to keep the video from being released to the press. But the handset maker announced it will continue to pay all suppliers for unused Galaxy Note 7 parts.

South Korea's Asiana has banned Note 7s from all flights, while nearly all mainland Chinese airlines including Cathay Pacific have also banned the device.

These Samsung exchange booths are a good idea to help anyone still carrying a Note 7.

After 100 known incidents of overheating devices-including replacement models-the Federal Aviation Administration chose to outright ban the phone for everyone's safety.

Samsung's booths illustrate how desperately the company wants to get the Galaxy Note 7 out of customer hands.

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