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Hurricane Matthew Health Risks Could Last Long After Storm Passes

Hurricane Edges Along Florida Shoreline; Warnings Of 'Devastating Impacts' Matthew Continues to Batter Florida; Will It Impact New England?
Elettra Stolfi | 19 Ottobre, 2016, 22:47

Matthew's winds peaked at 160 miles per hour, briefly pushing the storm to Category 5 status on Friday, October 1st before weakening to a Category 4 the following morning.

Matthew set a storm surge record in Georgia, where Tybee Island saw a surge of 12.5 feet and the Savannah River overflowed its banks, flooding parts of that city as well. The storm could bring flash floods and a surge of between six and nine feet, forecasters say. The storm hit the northern tip of South America, where it caused minimal damage. The storm will turn east and go off into the Atlantic by Saturday night.

The storm is already believed to have killed more than 300 people in Haiti.

Matthew's risky eyewall was battering South Carolina's southern shores Saturday morning, as the 2 storm pushed - or was poised to push - unsafe amounts of seawater and rain along the coast of that state as well as Georgia and North Carolina.

"There is nothing safe about what is getting ready to happen", SC governor Nikki Haley said Friday, according to USA Today.

The National Hurricane Center extended a hurricane warning to North Carolina Friday.

The National Hurricane Center expects Matthew to weaken over the next 48 hours, but the storm will remain near hurricane strength while soaking the Carolinas.

While Matthew's path shifted slightly, its storm surge still looked set to be historic, according to NBC News meteorologist Bill Karins.

Even President Barack Obama expressed his concerns for the people of Jacksonville when he addressed Hurricane Matthew this morning, saying "the big concern that people are having right now is the effects that it could have in areas like Jacksonville on through Georgia".

A 58-year-old woman suffered cardiac arrest in her home in central Florida's St Lucie County overnight, but high winds from Matthew - then a major Category Three storm on a five-point scale - prevented fire officials from reaching her, a fire spokeswoman told AFP.

Matthew is wreaking havoc on the travel industry.

Thousands of flights in the region have been canceled, and Amtrak has suspended some routes. Disney World and other theme parks were closed.

The number of deaths in Haiti, the poorest country in the Americas, surged to at least 842 on Friday as information trickled in from remote areas previously cut off by the storm, according to a Reuters tally of death tolls given by officials. At least four died in the Dominican Republic, Haiti's neighbor on the island of Hispaniola.

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