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Former Arkansas TV Reporter Accuses Bill Clinton Of Sexual Assault

Juanita Broaddrick says that Bill Clinton raped her in the 1970s Juanita Broaddrick says that Bill Clinton raped her in the 1970s
Rufina Vignone | 19 Ottobre, 2016, 22:16

Breitbart News reports that Leslie Millwee has accused former president Bill Clinton of sexually assaulting her three times in 1980.

Millwee, who was reporting under the name Leslie Derrick at the time, says all three assaults happened inside an editing room at her TV station, KLMN, which has since shuttered.

Millwee told Breitbart that she interviewed Clinton about 20 times publicly. TV reporter Leslie Millwee claims Bill Clinton sexually assaulted her - Jeffrey Guterman (@JeffreyGuterman) October 19, 2016 Multiple named sources corroborate parts of Donald Trump accuser's story: - Conor Friedersdorf (@conor64) October 18, 2016 There was some speculation on Wednesday that Donald Trump could make Leslie Millwee a surprise guest for the third and final debate.

After these alleged sexual assaults, Millwee claims, Clinton showed up at her apartment and knocked on her door for several minutes while trying to talk his way inside. "And I'm just sitting there very stiffly, just waiting for him to leave me alone", she said.

Karen Pharis, who was Millwee's assignment editor at KLMN, confirmed to Breitbart that Millwee was a reporter at the station and her job "absolutely" included conducting interview with Clinton. She said Clinton's advances started with "inappropriate gestures" and flirtatious remarks. "I just didn't want to go through that at the time". The first time I remember. Do not touch me.

"He started hunching me to the point where he had an orgasm". And I'm asking him the whole time, "Please do not do this. I do not want this.' and he finished doing what he was doing and he walked out".

Millwee said the alleged incidents escalated. She said no reason was given for the departure at the time. Pharis reportedly told Klein she believes Millwee is credible. Millwee added that she thought about coming forward in 1998, when the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke, but decided against the negative attention it would bring to her and her family. Further, even if we try to discount Hillary entirely, this is a woman claiming to have been assaulted by a famous figure in American culture. She told Breitbart that he left when she didn't answer the door and she made a decision to leave the news station.

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