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Debate Guests: Trump To Bring Obama's Half-Brother, Clinton Inviting Cuban

Rufina Vignone | 19 Ottobre, 2016, 23:10

With less than three weeks to go before Americans cast ballots November 8, polls showed Clinton widening her lead over the Republican nominee. That's the same difference as the margin of error.

But he is the alternative - don't try selling me on Gary Johnson's party of invisible government or Jill Stein's left-of-left crusade - and placating the Trump side has been futile up till now.

"The race sure looks like it's a solid Clinton win, but Trump has a few advantages in enthusiasm and support", Selzer added, pointing to the sole bright spot for Trump. "Sometimes it's hard to support the candidate", said former Trump adviser Barry Bennett, who has stuck by his former boss all year even after being forced from the campaign. Many of them have already been debunked.

"Senator Kaine has said, 'My faith is central to everything I do.' But apparently, and unfortunately, his faith isn't central to his public, political life", said Bishop Thomas Tobin of the Diocese of Providence. Arizona's system for tallying the votes is not online, but instead runs through a network of thousands of voting machines. Candidates will then have an opportunity to respond to each other.

And there is this story also from The Politico, "22 Toxic Days for Hillary Clinton", about Chelsea being livid, Bill Clinton be livid, Hillary ticked off, Lady Rothschild, whatever her name is, she's ticked off, all kinds of Democrats ticked off because of the way they're referenced in these email address.

Their own school found they're not alone.

Elections officials say people criticizing the elections process either fail to understand how elections in this country actually work or are speaking too casually about "the election". No study has ever demonstrated that voter fraud influenced an election in the United States, particularly a presidential election. When accounting for Republicans only, that number jumps to 71 percent. Only 19 percent of Texans surveyed rated Trump as "very favorable" with 23 percent giving Clinton the same rating. Trump's sleazy behavior is going to be a major part of the debate.

By convincing his followers - supporters isn't quite the right term for them - that they can't trust the media, other politicians, or anyone except Donald Trump, the Republican nominee has essentially isolated his followers from reality.

"I think it matters, so I guess I'm excited to be one vote and one voice", Lozano said. I abhor numerous liberal strategies I suspect the Warren-Sanders wing of the Democratic Party will push her into supporting, but I'm bracing for it because if she wins, she'll be in no mood for the healing process people like Neal would like.

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