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Clinton Jumps to Big Lead After Trump Tape Reveal

Arianne Zucker Speaks Out After Donald Trump and Billy Bush's Lewd 2005 Discussion Surfaces Too Many People'Abuse Their Position Arianne Zucker Responds to Trump's Lewd 2005 Comments
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The Clinton campaign has condemned those who are pushing the theories, and the candidate's physician has said she is healthy and has not developed any new conditions this year.

While Mr Trump's candidacy has long exposed the party's divisions, Republican leaders had hoped to prevent an all-out civil war until after the election.

But according to the Washington Post, Trump had bigger plan: He wanted them to confront Bill live, on camera, as they both entered debate.

Challenging Clinton's stamina, however, is likely a nod to some of Trump supporters who believe the conspiracy theory that the candidate is trying to cover up serious health issues. Recent revelations of Trump's predatory sexual comments about women deepened the worries among GOP officials who fear he'll drag down their own electoral prospects in November.

Trump has apologized for the comments, saying they were just "locker-room" banter.

Running mate Mike Pence said he was staying with Trump. Even his body language would surely be off-putting to some undecided voters, as he was seen scowling and pacing in the background as Ms. Clinton was speaking, and as in the first debate, interrupted her on numerous occasions.

The explanation failed to end the controversy, and Mr Trump's attacks on Mr Ryan threatened to distract from what Republicans want to be his main message: Going after Mrs Clinton.

The ad also shows footage of Clinton coughing and a photo from February of Clinton being helped up stairs after slipping.

"I still think he can do it, but he has to play mistake-free the rest of the way", said Mike Novoret, 59.

Even before the debate, Trump answered the question of whether he would be contrite. That lead is up from Clinton's 7-point lead last month, and gives Clinton her largest lead over Trump since the NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll started testing Clinton vs. Trump in September 2015. Last week, Pence said the USA military should be ready to strike Syrian military targets that are under the command of President Bashar Assad.

While the Republican nominee had a mostly cordial experience with Lester Holt, the first debate's moderator, Trump lashed out at the town hall moderators on Sunday night for his perceived mistreatment.

These numbers aren't just disastrous for Trump - they threaten Republicans' ability to hold onto the House and act as a check on a future President Hillary Clinton. If they revoke their support for their party's nominee, they risk losing his voters and losing their races.

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