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Android Nougat 7.1 release date, updates

Credit Jared Boggess Credit Jared Boggess
Carmela Zoppi | 19 Ottobre, 2016, 23:05

Out for blood, the Phone by Google is packing in a lot of impressive components under the hood and promises to offer the best Android experience with timely updates, even if it's bought from Verizon.

Google's Pixel phones are pretty wonderful. We came away impressed in our review, and buyers will be happy once theirs arrive. They have shared some secrets how to use the apps of Google Pixel better. For now, we say: "welcome to the cutthroat Android hardware business, Google".

The Google Pixel XL is my new daily driver. With a so-so design, a higher price point than has been traditional for Google, and this technically being a first-gen product, it's understandable. Siri provides more details like the full address and a map.

With the Note 7 having died a death, there's a big hole in some people's smartphone choices.

The two devices are very similar in many aspects.

Both Google and Version will be offering cellular plans for the Pixel devices. Google has been moving that direction since the release of the Galaxy Nexus, and last year's Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X were developer phones in name only. Catering to the entire market for those who want a big or small phone.

To see what these look like, we have both screenshots and a video for you below.

Google says its new Pixel smartphone camera is the highest rated smartphone camera ever.

Google Assistant can help you with everything from finding a good Italian restaurant to literally reciting your schedule and the weather for you at your beck and call. By nearly every metric I can think of - speed, power, camera, smart assistant, you name it - it matches or exceeds the best phones available on the market today. All reviewers note that the Pixel's hardware design bears a striking resemblance to the iPhone.

The Pixel supports fast charging too, which is great for busy moments.

Because you can now store so many pics (meaning you'll probably have lots) they've made searching for old shots really easy.

"The Pixel is easily the best Android phone I've ever tested, and seems to hail from a different planet than the chunky, clumsy and pokey 2008 G1 which introduced Android to the world", Mossberg wrote in The Verge and Recode. Interestingly enough, the Mountain View company wants the AI assistant to become more vibrant and friendlier and tell funnier jokes than the likes of Siri and Alexa, hiring the talent of The Onion and Pixar comedy writers to do so. The Assistant couldn't even start a Google Doc for me, let alone send a Facebook message to a friend or play a specific song on Apple Music. Later orders have a further out date. It was only when Samsung got the Galaxy S III on to all the major carriers as the same device that we saw the South Korean firm reach major success, and this is the sort of thing that Google should be planning for Pixel version 2.0 because right now, they feel an very bad lot like Nexus devices under a different name.

Surprisingly, Allo doesn't appear in the list, but that could be because I've yet to set up the app. The "Smart Burst" feature takes a bunch of pics when someone or something is moving (pet lovers, rejoice!) and then Google tells you which shot it thinks is the victor (or you can turn them all into a GIF).

After the Pixel launcher leaked online giving us a taste of how the Pixel phones by Google will look like from the inside, yet another Pixel exclusive app has been leaked.

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