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6 horses, 2 mules rescued from property in northern Missouri

Filth A neighbor called in an anonymous odor complaint that led to animal shelter volunteers finding the filthy cramped conditions. The animals were packed in so tight they couldn't move 'Farmyard of horrors' in Fayetteville contained 139 dogs, goats, sheep, chickens and rabbits
Rufina Vignone | 19 Ottobre, 2016, 23:15

Ashmore said officials found dogs, goats, chickens, sheep and rabbits crammed into a small space.

Deputy Dog Warden Barb Ashmore said there were 139 animals stuffed into the backyard of a Fayetteville home.

Most of the animals were chickens, according to a Facebook post by Brown County Humane Society.

A Fayetteville man turned the backyard of his subdivision into a "farmyard of horrors" that saw 139 animals crammed into "deplorable" conditions without food or water, OH authorities said.

Animal wardens rescued a total of 130 animals.


"It's just been really rewarding getting them out of that", Bates said. Ultimately, the goal will be to place them for adoption.

Ashmore noted a 3-year-old dog named Antonio, a shepherd, was found locked to a short, heavy chain and is "probably 60 pounds under weight".

The Humane Society announced that all of the chickens, sheep and goats had been adopted Tuesday morning. However, since they're in bad shape, the Humane Society warns it could be a few months before they're ready for their new home.

There was no word on who owned the property or if they would face charges.

Because the condition of the animals didn't improve, the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office obtained a warrant to remove the animals.

The Humane Society is now accepting donations toward the animals' care.

Ashmore is still trying to understand how and why the owner of the animals allowed it to happen.

He gave up the animals voluntarily, Ashmore said, so is not now facing charges. However, Ashmore said they are still investigating the case.

"They started running and jumping through the air", Ashmore said.

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