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Move over sex, drugs make its entry into the USA presidential election

NYT: Two women say Trump grabbed them inappropriately Two women accuse Donald Trump of touching them inappropriately
Rufina Vignone | 18 Ottobre, 2016, 00:13

In recent days, perhaps aware that the tide is against him, Mr Trump has sought to suggest the election is "rigged" and claimed that the media is conspiring against him.

Trump's own running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, attempted to clarify Trump's complaint as one directed at "the obvious bias in the national media".

"Hillary is running for president in what looks like a rigged election", he charged in New Hampshire. Pence had said the United States should use military force in Syria if Russian Federation continued air strikes to prop up President Bashar al-Assad, but Trump said he disagreed.

Kaine addressed Trump's repeated allegations of electoral corruption and media collusion in an appearance Sunday on ABC News' "This Week", hosted by town-hall debate moderator Martha Raddatz. That's exactly half of what the Clinton team said it had on hand - a worrisome financial disadvantage for the Republican side.

Much of that cleanup duty has fallen to Pence little more than three weeks before the November 8 vote.

The Obamas both seized on Trump's words, captured in a video released last week, bragging about kissing and groping women.

Only 34% say Trump is honest and trustworthy.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump dug deeper in his efforts to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the USA election, saying on Twitter on Sunday that he believed the results were being "rigged" at many polling places.

The events have also foiled Trump's late-in-the-campaign plan to re-ignite his hope of carrying Wisconsin. Elizabeth Warren might endorse Bernie Sanders and wrestling with how to respond to revelations about her private email use.

Three transcripts released as part of the hack of her campaign chairman's emails did not contain any new bombshells showing she was unduly influenced by contributions from the banking industry, as her primary rival Bernie Sanders had suggested.

Trump maintained his innocence and denounced Clinton and a supposed worldwide media conspiracy aimed at denying him the White House. "But what's equally offensive is the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency".

Trump said after the first presidential debate in September that he would "absolutely" accept the election outcome.

Trump's claim, made without evidence, undercuts the essence of American democracy, the idea that USA elections are free and fair, with the vanquished peacefully stepping aside for the victor. Trump has repeatedly claimed without offering evidence that election fraud is a serious problem and encouraged his largely white supporters to "go and watch" polling places in certain areas to make sure things are "on the up and up".

Rudy Giuliani also said that Democrats could steal a close election by having dead people vote in inner cities.

Eighty percent view him negatively while only 13 percent view him positively.

Pence waved away the woman's rallying cry, saying, "Don't say that".

Answered Pence Sunday: "We'll accept the will of the American people".

Trump's 11-point lead among men has dropped to just 5 points in the last month, while his once formidable 19-point advantage among likely independent voters has plummeted to 9 points.

Pence acknowledged that evidence points to Russian Federation being behind the hacking of Democratic emails. I think we should, why don't we do that?

He also refused to join Trump's call for Clinton to be drug tested before Wednesday's third and final presidential debate.

President Barack Obama on Friday warned that America's very democracy is at stake in the election because of the Republican presidential candidate.

"First of all, I can reassure Donald Trump: I am in charge of elections in OH, and they're not going to be rigged".

The CNN news network said its surveys in three key election states showed Clinton and Trump locked in tight contests, with him ahead in OH (48-44), while she is leading in North Carolina (48-47) and in Nevada (46-44).

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