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Australian carriers ban Samsung Galaxy Note 7

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Carmela Zoppi | 18 Ottobre, 2016, 00:08

Malaysian budget airline group AirAsia has prohibited carrying Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones onboard any of its flights, including those operated by AirAsia India, due to safety concerns.

The weekend announcement by the transport ministry follows an earlier warning that asked airlines to urge passengers not to turn on or charge the devices while on board.

The phones also can't be shipped as air cargo. Samsung has also stopped producing the flagship handset.

The American Department of Transportation issued an emergency order last Friday in response to reports of the phones catching fire.

Japan's biggest carriers - All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines (JAL) - have, however, not made it clear what sort of penalties passengers could face if they were found with the phone.

KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said in a note to investors that approximately 50 percent of those who ordered a Note 7 are now very likely to go for an iPhone 7, as customer trust is collapsing in the Samsung ecosystem and all these buyers are no longer planning to stick with phones manufactured by the South Korean firm.

"We'll act on a case-by-case basis", he said.

"We'll act on a case-by-case basis". According to the BBC, Lufthansa now has a ban on the device on all flights to the US.

Nearly all of mainland China's airlines have banned it as well, while Hong Kong's global airport prohibited passengers from carrying the device on any incoming or outgoing flights, either in checked or carry-on baggage, over the weekend.

Initially, the device was allowed if it had been turned off and not charged during the flight.

Travellers will be able to back up data on their devices, leave them there and receive a loan phone if needed, according to Samsung Hong Kong.

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