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Watch Footage from the Cancelled Metallica Game

Working Build of Canceled Metallica Video Game From 2003 Discovered Watch Footage from the Cancelled Metallica Game
Rufina Vignone | 17 Ottobre, 2016, 23:45

It will come as no surprise to longtime Metallica fans that a video game starring the band was in development long before the dawn of Guitar Hero: Metallica.

As well as demonstrating what Climax were intending to produce in terms of the gameplay (a post-apocalyptic driving game), PtoPOnline also revealed that the producers cited the likes of GTA 3 and the Mad Max films as creative inspirations for the project.

Damage Inc., as the game was called, was going to be a vehicular combat game with a Twisted Metal vibe.

This is the PS2 build of the game, though there were also Xbox and PC versions being worked on for a planned 2005 release.

PtoPOnline is a video game preservation site. Damage Inc. looks derivative, like a Twisted Metal ripoff with Kirk, James, Lars and whoever was their bassist at the time spouting one-liners wherever you may roam, but there's definitely some innovation from this motorbreath. Most of these doomed titles simply fade to black, but for one odd Metallica vehicle shooter, the day that never comes is here - footage of Damage Inc. has surfaced. It's possible that there you would eventually go on to complete traditional open world missions or just compete in a few races, but the only known functional build of this game doesn't make it clear what the full intent fo the game's campaign was. Here's an earlier trailer, too.

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