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It's Obama versus Trump as Clinton leans on her 'cleanup hitter'

Remigio Civitarese | 17 Ottobre, 2016, 23:35

Obama headlined a rally of more than 9,000 Tuesday night in North Carolina, a state where Clinton narrowly leads polls in the race against Trump and turnout of the black vote could make the difference between her winning and losing there.

"This country can not take another four years of Barack Obama, and that's what you're getting with her", Trump said.

"We're going from room to room, making sure none of the china is broken", he said.

President Obama's remarks came amid the continuing fallout from the release of a tape on which the Republican nominee can be heard bragging about being able to grab women "by the p-ssy" because of his celebrity status.

"Hearing the president say the future of the country is in your hands is a great feeling", said Tiffany Dayer, a Clinton supporter.

Young people today are the workers, taxpayers and business customers of the future, Obama said, adding that everyone will benefit if they have money in their pockets, including "old heads" like himself who in the future will rely on them for Social Security checks.

The President participated in a conversation hosted by the Undefeated, ESPN's site focused on racial and cultural issues. Mr Obama, seemingly unfazed by it all, waited for the crowd to finish their booing before telling the hecklers with a wry grin to "get their own rally".

Chelsea Clinton is expected to discuss the importance of the presidential election for younger voters, as well as her mother's plan to address college affordability - under which 56,000 MA students would pay no tuition for a four-year college degree, according to campaign officials.

Trump doubled down on the attacks over the weekend, inviting some of Bill Clinton's accusers to the second of his three debates with Mrs. Clinton. His role in the campaign will include rallies, fundraising and television, radio and social media appearances. He campaigns again for Clinton in Cleveland on Friday. Bush didn't even attend the 2008 Republican convention.

Obama joked that the protesters were "auditioning for a reality show".

Obama contrasted what he sees as irresponsibility with Clinton's long record of public service and attention to details in policy.

On Thursday, Obama is scheduled to travel to Pittsburgh to address a White House event on the future of innovation in the USA and around the world. Should African Americans fail to turn out to support Clinton in large numbers, he told the Congressional Black Caucus this month, he would "consider it a personal insult - an insult to my legacy".

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