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Trump Ally Roger Stone Admits 'Back-Channel' Tie To WikiLeaks

Carmela Zoppi | 16 Ottobre, 2016, 05:34

The chief liaison to Republican nominee Donald Trump for Catholic issues said that emails released October 11 by WikiLeaks "reveal the depths of the hostility of Hillary Clinton and her campaign toward Catholics".

The 2011 email is between John Podesta, the subject of the hack and Clinton's campaign chairman, Palmieri and John Halpin, a senior fellow at the liberal think-tank Center for American Progress.

"I imagine they think it is the most socially acceptable politically conservative religion", she read. Halpin remarked on a magazine article that discussed 21st Century Fox CEO Rupert Murdoch's decision to raise his children in the Catholic faith. The campaign said it is part of a larger Russian conspiracy to swing the election to Trump.

The tweet was sent shortly after WikiLeaks published scores of hacked emails from other Democratic officials. The email, from Clinton's future campaign manager Robby Mook to Podesta, said Obama administration officials should use their connections in the president's home state to try to push back the March 15 IL primary by at least a month.

"If the drip, drip, drip of emails continues it could have a negative cumulative effect on Clinton", said Michael Genovese, political scientist and president of the World Policy Institute at Loyola Marymount University. "Catholics will be watching Hillary Clinton to see whether she thinks our religious faith should be respected, or whether it's fair game to mock us".

On Wednesday, as Clinton landed in Las Vegas, Podesta's seemingly tweeted, "I've switched teams".

USA intelligence officials last week blamed the Russian government for a series of breaches meant to influence the presidential election.

WikiLeaks has not released all of Podesta's hacked emails and CNN has not been able to verify that they are his, so it's unclear if he raised any objection. And the issue kept bubbling up, no matter how hard Clinton's team worked to put it behind her. When another aide notes the post had already gotten 1,000 retweets, Podesta jokes: "Good to know people go to bed with their Twitter decks". Until then she had made no public stance. "Remember, the president has previously said that he was unaware that Hillary Clinton had a private server, number one, and that they emailed one another infrequently".

Podesta says he is cooperating with the FBI on a criminal investigation into the hacking.

"These WikiLeaks emails confirm what those of us here have known all along: Hillary Clinton is the vessel of a corrupt global establishment that's raiding our country and surrendering the sovereignty of our nation", Trump said Tuesday at a rally in Florida.

"She can say she's sorry without apologizing to the American people", he wrote.

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