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PlayStation VR's "Cinematic Mode" can be used with the Wii U

Rufina Vignone | 16 Ottobre, 2016, 17:40

Yet another executive, Shuhei Yoshida, said Sony does not know what demand will be for PlayStation VR, in part because it's such a new technology.

We must stress, this doesn't mean you can play other formats' games in VR - the headset is only displaying a video screen, albeit one at massive scale.

Players also figured out there's no 360-degree sound, but there is sound. Not to mention that you also need a pretty powerful computer just to run it.

It seems virtual reality begets rivalries this time.

The catch is the games will initially be released in Sony's home market of Japan and then spread to other parts of Asia in time.

So say goodbye to fights over the television, because in the future the gamer in the household can just escape into virtual reality. While the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive will set you back a whopping $799 each (with controllers), the PSVR will set you back by $550 (with all accessories).

Over on the PlayStation VR's subreddit, some Xbox One users are reporting that they were able to use PSVR on their console by simply plugging the HDMI cable that goes into the PS4 to their Xbox One.

Online gaming is great, but nothing beats playing games in the same room as friends. If you want a PlayStation 4 Slim, the Newegg deal with a free copy of Overwatch and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain for $309.99 with free shipping.

But short of carrying a monitor or TV around to someone's house, it's very hard to actually get a screen to yourself, unless you're literally besties with a Richie Rich-type who owns a harem of televisions. In fact, there are already more than 40 million PS4 owners out there.

Another PlayStation executive, Andrew House, previously said that there might be PlayStation VR shortages.

Additionally, a test on the Windows desktop showed that the Playstation VR headset was also PC-compatible provided that the headset is plugged into a PC tower.

Some of the launch titles are the Polygon-developed and puzzle game Super Hypercube; the last Rocksteady Arkham game, Batman: Arkham VR; the standalone expansion of Until Dawn, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood; and the demo collection known as Playstation VR Worlds.

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