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'It's About Frank' Episode of HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER

'How to Get Away with Murder' season 3, episode 5 preview: Frank's past revealed; a big discovery VIDEO: Sneak Peek - 'It's About Frank' Episode of HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER
Zaira Scannapieco | 16 Ottobre, 2016, 17:50

How to Get Away With Murder's third season is packed to the brim with mystery this season, let's see if we can put the pieces of the puzzle together with the details we were given this week!

If you don't watch "HTGAWM", here a quick recap: in a flash-forward scene that will come to a conclusion in the midseason finale, Annalise's (Viola Davis) house is burning down and she's standing in front of her home hysterically crying, looking at someone's dead body on a stretcher under a sheet. But with death comes new life, as the episode's flash forwards reveal that the body found under Annalise's burning house had been Laurel Castillo (Karla Souza), who's pregnant. Not only her identity was revealed as the person saved, it turns out she's also pregnant. Who is the father of Laurel's baby? But who's the daddy: Wes or Frank?!

"Yeah, I mean anything is possible".

"I think, if there's anything that I've learned to expect from this show is I can't expect anything in particular", "How to Get Away with Murder" star Matt McGorry, who plays Asher, told E! about the latest episode's big reveal.

"I don't think even Frank knows his main mission", he said.

Next week's new episode of the show is (fittingly) titled "It's About Frank", which should give you a pretty big clue as to what's coming up. Cartermatt released the synopsis for episode 5 - "The mystery behind the Annalise "killer" flyers takes a surprising twist". His troubled past will be explored, which could lead to a shocking new discovery that could alter all of the things that transpired during the night of the fire. Frank, on the other hand, killed Bonnie's father, who was sent to low security prison with a hospital facility. Also, Bonnie faces Frank, who is responsible for killing her father, but there could be more to his intentions than what Bonnie knows. Another huge revelation was the fact that there is one more person who was killed during the fire.

With the rumored tensions between Mary J. Blige and Viola Davis, many are anxious that "How To Get Away With Murder" Season 3 and its forthcoming episodes might be stalled.

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