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How Sony Plans to Win the Virtual Reality Race With PlayStation VR

Rufina Vignone | 16 Ottobre, 2016, 17:45

Given the ease of use and ability to tap into a gaming and entertainment ecosystem, Sony is betting that PlayStation VR has a better package for mainstream consumers.

Not the first virtual reality platform on the market, how will the PlayStation VR fare in this still developing space of gaming?

20 per cent of an estimated 1 million+ Australian PlayStation 4 users indicated a desire to purchase the console's new VR system, which is set to account for 65 per cent of VR hardware revenue in H2 2016.

Competing against tech giants from across the globe, the new PlayStation VR is the company's equivalent of the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR.

SuperData Research is one of the top video-game research firms around, and it has predicted that Sony's VR headset will be greeted with a busy holiday season, and that it will ship around 2 million units as the year ends.

Almost 1 in 3 regular game buyers (28 percent) show a desire to purchase a VR headset.

The headset - which plugs into existing PlayStation 4 gaming consoles - will enable all device owners with the chance to enjoy breath-taking experiences of their favourite games.

Yes, of course. However, since the PlayStation 4 camera will be busy tracking your motion, you won't be able to use it to capture your face and display it during live streaming of games.

Demand by video gamers is expected to boost VR headset sales throughout the holiday season, according to a report from Telsyte. PlayStation VR is available at GameStop, Best Buy, Amazon.

Microsoft announced yesterday that it was taking pre-orders for its HoloLens - an augmented reality headset it says will allow users to interact with holograms - and would start shipping the device in November. "Now we're ready to go to market". IHS projects the headset will outsell Oculus Rift and HTC Vive combined this year.

It will also take time before PlayStation VR finds that must-own game.

PS VR is compatible with PS4 and the upcoming PS4 Pro, and arrives with a line-up of 30 games including exclusive titles Rez Infinite, Driveclub VR and RIGS Mechanized Combat League.

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