Mercoledì, 25 Aprile, 2018

9 dead, 34 injured as bridge collapses in Bali, Indonesia

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Rufina Vignone | 16 Ottobre, 2016, 18:36

A bridge connecting two small islands near the Indonesian resort island of Bali has collapsed, killing at least nine people, officials say.

The water was not deep but numerous victims were crushed by debris, he said.

There are also 30 others injured but search and rescue efforts have stopped due to low light conditions and will only resume in the morning, said the BNPB. "Some residents in the location immediately tried to save the victims, some of whom were able to swim to shore".

"Too many people and vehicles were passing the bridge during a religious ceremony, so that a rope of the bridge snapped", he told Xinhua by phone from the resort island.

Scores of people and motorcycles fell into the water just before the bridge collapsed.

Initial reports indicate there were no foreigners among the victims, Mr Nugroho said.

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