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Obama touts Clinton, blasts Trump at Colum 9:55 pm Thu

Carmela Zoppi | 15 Ottobre, 2016, 04:52

In Barack Obama's latest speech on Donald Trump, he called out the Republican Party for creating an environment where a candidate like Trump could thrive.

"Civility is on the ballot", on November 8 Obama told a group of largely young voters in the swing state of Ohio. But they didn't do so much earlier when Donald said awful things, unsafe things. "They've been feeding their base all kinds of insane for years", he said, running off a greatest hits list - he wasn't born here; he's the anti-christ; denying climate change; plotting to take away all guns; or send in the military to take over Texas.

Not long after Obama took office, the top-ranking Republican in Congress admitted that his #1 priority was to make Obama a one-term president.

RNC spokeswoman Natalie Strom said Democrats are trying to show that Strickland still has a chance, but "the truth is that Democrats have nearly completely abandoned Retread Ted as poll after poll shows that Ohioans will be choosing Rob Portman". He said they are tyrannies that oppress their people.

To that end, Obama on Thursday signaled the strategy his party intends to deploy: refusing to let Republican candidates off the hook for their controversial presidential nominee, even if they've disavowed him in the wake of a video that emerged late last week of Trump bragging about kissing women without their permission and groping them. "They stood by while this happened".

"I'm standing here because unlike Donald Trump, I've actually been in a locker room at OSU", Chibundu Nnake, a 2005 Ohio State alumni, said in a released statement.

Clinton has no campaign rallies planned for days, leaving Trump to battle on alone in a sea of swirling sexual assault allegations.

Hillary Clinton is deploying her secret weapon, and the result is pure devastation for Donald Trump. He took it to a whole other level.

Michelle Obama says Trump's sexually-charged comments about women shouldn't be seen as "politics as usual". "He's given many millions of dollars to the Clintons and their initiative", Trump said alluding to the Clinton Foundation. When he was judging them based on a score? "Lock her up!" has been a rallying cry at Trump rallies for months, and the Republican nominee promised to do just that at the second presidential debate on Sunday.

Yet early voting numbers, Democratic enthusiasm and historical trends show that approach isn't likely to help Trump. "This isn't Trump country".

Democrats, during a separate event earlier in the day, voiced concern about Trump's comments about women. Sherrod Brown, D-Cleveland. As McCain is now running for reelection in Arizona, Obama's words are directed exactly his way.

Eliana Ondrejko, a 19-year old sophomore, said she and most of her friends back Clinton, and have been reminding others of what it means to opt for a third party. This year, it's one of just four states that polls still suggest are toss-ups, along with Nevada, North Carolina and Florida. He spent Thursday night railing on lawmakers like Ohio's Sen.

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