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Formula One: Sebastian Vettel denies rift with Ferrari chief

Formula One: Sebastian Vettel denies rift with Ferrari chief Formula One: Sebastian Vettel denies rift with Ferrari chief
Remigio Civitarese | 10 Ottobre, 2016, 09:29

"I think what they are trying to tell him is, you drive the auto, and we'll sort the team out".

"So it's the very small details that have to come together and we more or less put them all together and it was quite good. Then during next year we'll see", he told Sky Sports Italia. So it's right everybody has to earn their position and salary.

It's been another hard weekend for Vettel in Japan, having taken a three-place grid penalty, meaning he will start the race seventh.

The Australian finished the race P6, while his team-mate Max Verstappen placed second in-between eventual race victor Nico Rosberg and World Champion Lewis Hamilton.

Red Bull's margin over Ferrari increased from 15 to 46 points after Vettel's elimination at the start, with Raikkonen in fourth.

Vettel would likely be ahead had he not suffered a series of technical problems in early-season races, but the two drivers have undoubtedly been more closely matched since the summer.

Rosberg was hit by Sebastian Vettel at the start and dropped to the very rear of the field, but some excellent driving and three Virtual Safety Car periods helped limit the damage, and he still finished on the podium in third after a fight past Kimi Raikkonen, increasing his lead in the championship to 23 points.

Speaking to reporters on Friday, team boss Maurizio Arrivabene made it clear that Sebastian Vettel's future with the team is far from certain and that the German must focus on his driving.

"I know there is nothing between us, nothing we need to sort out", he added. Arrivabene added: "Sebastian needs to focus on the vehicle". "He is a person who he gives so much and that sometimes means an interest in a bit of everything".

"I don't think many people had a lot of difference".

Vettel and Ferrari gambled on fitting a set of soft Pirelli tyres for his final stint as all the other leaders went for another set of hards, and the yellow tyres soon faded, leaving the German 14.4s seconds behind the second Mercedes but well ahead of Raikkonen's sister vehicle. "To be honest, I did what I could", he said.

"Sebastian just called me actually".

"There's a lot of consecutive corners here and if you're in that part of the track, you can't expect the auto in front to move over". Sometimes you have to re-focus him, remind him to be focused on the main job. "Sometimes you don't push enough, so it's about finding the sweet spot in the middle".

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