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Debate questioner Kenneth Bone becomes internet star

Zaira Scannapieco | 10 Ottobre, 2016, 21:11

Bone was one of eight audience members who posed questions to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton at the town hall debate. The rest is history. Others started floating Ken Bone Halloween costumes.

"At points during the debate it nearly felt like watching mom and dad fight", he told CNN, adding that he thinks Trump bringing Bill Clinton's accusers inside the debate hall was uncalled for.

And when he was spotted after the debate snapping photos on the set using a disposable camera, viewers fell in love even more, causing his name to trend on social media.

For whatever reason possibly his gentle demeanor and contrasting one-man-party of a name-the soft-spoken Bone (man, that is fun to say) struck a chord with the viewing public.

Moments after the debate was over, Twitter and Facebook fan pages were set up, and someone is already selling T-shirts with the slogan "Welcome to the Bone Zone". Bone instantly became the face of what's right in American politics at a time when it feels like so much is wrong.

Kenneth Bone...undecided Missouri voter. In the meantime, you can get that Ken Bone Look in a similar style from IZOD - thought we can't guarantee you the same level of overnight fame it brought Kenneth. "So, the red sweater is plan B, and I'm glad it works out". As of Monday morning, the red was sold out on Amazon in all sizes but one.

Thank goodness Bone rocked such an fantastic look; between his ensemble and the pussy-bow worn by Melania Trump, debate viewers found a couple reasons to smile on Sunday.

Shortly after the event, someone established a fake Ken Boone Twitter account and posted: "I'm not the hero you want. I would have like to hear more from Secretary Clinton about protecting the jobs of our fossil plant workers". "When I got into my vehicle to come here I tore the seat out of my trousers".

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