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Google Home hopes to take on Amazon Echo

Carmela Zoppi | 07 Ottobre, 2016, 14:02

From November this year, Google Home will be available in stores. He brings five years of experience leading efforts in building Amazon gadgets like the Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Voyage and the Kindle Fire tablet, as well as the Echo and Dash products that were borne out of the company's experimental Lab126 division. Read on for the details.

One of their most interesting devices was called Google Home, and it's all about making your house that bit smarter. You can cast music to Home's speaker using Google Cast as well-and in the same vein, you can use voice commands via Home to control your TV if you have a connected Chromecast (this feature now only works with YouTube, but Netflix support will soon become available). The app users are receiving notifications that the tech giant is rebranding the app to Google Home in the next few weeks. In an on-stage demonstration, Google's Rishi Chandra showed how Google Home can be used to request specific song titles or even search for music with commands like, "Play that Shakira song from 'Zootopia'".

Google doesn't want to just be on your phone or your laptop - it wants to invade your home as well.

Google Home was thoughtfully crafted to deliver fantastic sound in a compact form factor.

Their product announcements don't have the same flare as Apple, but Google's rollout of new products Tuesday may shake things up in the industry.

With Assistant you can control smart home devices such as your Phillips smart lights or Nest thermostat or Samsung SmartThings products.

Yes, Google states you can turn the device's microphone off if you desire privacy from your technology. To accomplish the latter, you'd say something like "OK, Google".

Google Assistant's "snippets" feature will also alllow it to answer pre-set questions where the user may not know what website to direct the question to.

The device, created to compete with Amazon's Echo, was introduced at Google's I/O event in May. At the time of writing, the Echo is up for grabs at £150, while the Echo Dot (2nd generation) is £49.99. If you ask it a question it doesn't know, the speaker will scour the internet to find the information you need from an appropriate website.

Even though Google Home is a relative latecomer compared to HomeKit and Alexa, it has the enormous advantage of access to many people's private digital lives (via Gmail, Docs, and the like) and their public ones (via its search engine).

Despite a low-key launch the Echo sold 3.5m units in the time it took Amazon to adapt the device to recognise the full gamut of British English accents and voices.

"As AI/Machine Learning emerge as the next 'computing wave, ' Google's virtual assistant sits at the core of both Pixel and Home, and showcase the focus at the intersection of hardware and software". And that center was best represented by Google Assistant. "Google's model is 'We connect you to everything, we're the funnel, so if you want something, ask Google how to get it done.' That's what they want".

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