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Where Evacuations Are Voluntary Or Mandatory In South Florida

Zaira Scannapieco | 06 Ottobre, 2016, 23:30

Those wanting to leave may still have time but it's running out. The Category 4 hurricane is gaining strength as it barrels toward the Southeastern United States with wind speeds exceeding 110 miles per hour.

Governor Rick Scott said, "Time is up".

While the debate rages as to whether SC governor Nikki Haley pulled a "premature evacuation" in anticipation of the arrival of Hurricane Matthew, there's no question that the storm poses a clear and present danger to the state of Florida.

As a Christian, you will go through some tough times, but remember storms never last forever. If you choose to ride the storm out, which you should not then have at least three days of food and water on hand. You have to evacuate now if you are in an evacuation zone.

Brevard County, which includes Titusville and Melbourne, is already under a mandatory evacuation order, with schools closed on Thursday and Friday.

Broward County: Voluntary evacuations for mobile homes and low-lying areas have begun.

Clay County: Voluntary evacuations have begun.

Duval County: Voluntary evacuations have begun. To avoid traffic congestions, residents are encouraged to begin evacuating prior to the evacuation order.

Martin County: Mandatory evacuations are in effect for Sewall's Point, Hutchinson Island, Jupiter Island and mobile homes.

St. Lucie County: Voluntary evacuations have already started.

Palm Beach County: Voluntary evacuations have begun for barrier islands, mobile homes, substandard housing, flood-prone areas, and those living in high rises close to the Intracoastal Waterway. Mandatory evacuations will begin Thursday.

Johns County: Mandatory evacuation orders have begun.

Volusia County: Voluntary evacuations of barrier islands Wednesday. Mandatory evacuations are beginning Thursday. This is not a joke or a storm that should be taken lightly. He also activated 500 members of the National Guard across the state. He added that everyone in the state has to prepare for a "direct hit" by the storm.

The governor met with emergency management officials in Tallahassee and Stuart to discuss preparations and continued to travel the state to meet with emergency management officials. "If you chose to stay and try to ride the storm out, your life is at risk".

"Based on the current forecast, the heights of storm surge will be above ground", the governor said. This is deadly. We have suspended tolls, doubled the amount of shelters and are making sure we keep the roads as clear as possible.

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