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Pope Francis calls gender identity classes in schools 'war against marriage'

Rufina Vignone | 03 Ottobre, 2016, 20:27

Pope Francis's visit in the Caucasus started on Friday with neighboring Georgia, where he faced protests from an Orthodox Christian Church - the overwhelming majority in the country.

"Your visit to Azerbaijan is very important for relations between Azerbaijan and the Vatican, including the dialogue between civilizations", Aliyev said.

"Marriage is the most attractive thing that God has created", he said, adding that the bible says God created man and woman to become one flesh in an apparent reference to homosexuality.

Pope Francis said he is "full of admiration for the intricacy and richness" of Azerbaijan's culture, hailed it as "a country that distinguishes itself for its welcome and hospitality" and "the gateway between East and West".

While he has been more accepting of homosexuality than his predecessors, Pope Francis opposes gay marriage.

Pope Francis says Jesus would never turn away transgender faithful and that priests today should accompany them spiritually, even if they undergo sex change operations, sin and repent. "People say "I'm from this party" or 'I'm from that party', but effectively, they don't have clear thoughts about the basics, about proposals", he said. "But it is another thing to teach it, gender theory, in schools along these lines in order to change mentality".

Francis recounted the story of a Spanish transgender man who wrote him a letter recounting his transition from a woman to a man who later married a woman.

Pope Francis weighed into the USA elections Sunday, urging American Catholics struggling to choose a president to study the issues, pray and then vote your conscience.

"Life is life, and things should be taken as they come", the pope said.

The pontiff also celebrated a mass for the country's tiny Catholic community. "It is a human question, and it must be resolved as best as possible, always with the mercy of God, the truth. always with an open heart".

"But each case must be welcomed, accompanied, studied, discerned and integrated".

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