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Faith Evans Flashes Her Lady Parts On Stage Bad Boy Reunion Tour


Whoops! Faith Evans shows off more than she bargained for Getty Whoops! Faith Evans shows off more than she bargained for
Zaira Scannapieco | 26 Settembre, 2016, 07:03

The hip-hop legend ensured we remembered her name as she took to the stage in Boston and showed off a little more than her vocal skills.

Faith Evans made jaws drop during her appearance at a Bad Boy Family Reunion concert over the weekend. At one point, she lifted her dress too high and accidentally flashed the crowd.

The star, 43, was in the middle of a rendition of her classic single You Used To Love Me when she lifted up her white dress and exposed what appeared to be her Spanx - or her lady garden, according to some Twitter users and audience members.

"In other news, Faith Evans showed everybody her kitty cat last night...", added another.

Either way, some people are praising the 43-year-old singer for her courageous act of going panty-less, while others are shocked that the former Bad Boy artist would go onstage and flash her goods to the crowd. Some folks are even wondering if it was intentional.

"Poor Faith Evans, she flashed her coochie on the Jumbotron", another fan wrote.

It's unclear whether Evans was wearing flesh-colored underwear or if she completely exposed her, ahem, womanhood, but that didn't stop fans from going insane over the clip.

"Aye, look. Let me see why Faith Evans is trending? Aw".

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