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'Days of Our Lives' Spoilers: Surprising DNA Test Results and Failed Weddings

Days of Our Lives Spoilers Clyde Shoots Down Abe Chaos Erupts – Claire Hostage with Joey Orpheus Plots Death and Destruction 'Days Of Our Lives' Friday Episode Spoilers, News & Update: Kate To Manipulate Paternity Test's Result? Real Father
Zaira Scannapieco | 25 Settembre, 2016, 17:51

The upcoming episodes of "Days of Our Lives" will be dramatic, exciting and surprising.

Chloe and Philip originally asked Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow) to help them with the paternity test.

Nicole, Chloe, Deimos and Philip are going to go to the clinic, and the doctor will enter with the test results. So, Days of Our Lives viewers were sure that he was the father of her child. Even though the test states that Deimos is not the father, Chloe's worries are far from over. Celeb Dirty Laundry reported that Kate will use her connections and might convince a laboratory technician or anyone who can manipulate that paternity test's result. Deimos is convinced that the baby is his, but this does not sit well for Nicole.

Per the "Days of Our Lives" spoilers, Philip will talk some smack in Deimos. Chloe doesn't want Deimos knowing that he is the baby daddy.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers Clyde Shoots Down Abe Chaos Erupts – Claire Hostage with Joey Orpheus Plots Death and Destruction

As Chloe needs to confirm the paternity test, she is now thinking of some other ways that she can hide her secret. Will she tell Deimos what she knows or will she keep her promise to Chloe and stay quiet?

According to "Days of Our Lives" spoilers, the paternity for Chloe's pregnancy reveals a shocking result, neither Deimos nor Philip is the child's dad. As Deimos is getting distressed about the child's paternity, Nicole is also getting irritated of his actions but she just won't mind it for awhile.

Chloe tells Nicole about her plan; Kate, Marlena and Claire land in an unsafe situation; Nicole, Chloe, Deimos and Philip go to the clinic to get the test results; Steve and Kayla talk about Joey. She wanted to get back at Deimos but also didn't want to help Chloe. This is exactly what Orpheus wants and calls John to brag about it. The latest episode also hints that the couple will go through yet another ordeal which can determine whether Brady finds out what Theresa has done to put Xander behind bars. She has also been trying to do her best to help Chloe keep the secret, but now that Chloe and Phillip are also moving into the Kiriakis mansion as the family tries to band together for safety while Orpheus (George Del Hoyo), Clyde (James Read) and Xander (Paul Telfer) wreak havoc on Salem, it's become harder.

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