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IOS 10.1 Public Beta 1 now available for download

Introducing Apple Watch Series 2			
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The iPhone 7 is here, but it looks a lot like the iPhone 6s, doesn't it? Power off your iPhone and turn it back off again, then go back into Settings and turn those two buttons back to green (you'll need to enter your Apple ID password). So how does the iPhone 7 shape up when compared to the iPhone 6s?

Another, much more recent example is with Apple's popular MacBook laptop, with practically every generation of the laptop requiring a new charger. I was especially enthralled by the iPhone 7, which Tim Cook says is not only the most advanced smartphone, but also "the best iPhone we have ever created".

Research firm IHS has published its preliminary bill of materials analysis for Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone 7, reporting that the base 32 GB version of the device costs about $225 to manufacture.

The iPhone 6s is extremely snappy with iOS 10 on board. The good news for today is that a jailbreak for the new iPhone 7 has already been developed by this guy and knowing that, it's just a matter of time for companies like Pangu et al to come up with something similar. The home button is now static and mimics the MacBook in terms of a solid-state button design. Anyway, the beautifully sleek phone is in your hand, so what's next? It doesn't have any optical image stabilisation, either. Then the 56mm lens captures the pictures and the wider 28mm lens generates a depth map of the scene. Many have accused Apple of arbitrarily changing the charger in order to make old chargers and accessories obsolete. Here's what we've found in the early going.

Unfortunately, the team is yet to provide an update on the software after it announced it last July at the Mobile Security Conference. Apple is also quoting the same 1,300:1 contrast ratio for each handset. "Whereas Apple strives to have 'one iPhone model for all carriers and markets, ' there are a number of different hardware permutations supporting various countries and carriers", Rassweiler said.

For a more detailed look at the iPhone 7, head over to our sister site Expert Reviews.

This is the opinion of Times Digital Project Specialist Andrew Fraser. A woman who ordered an iPhone 7 online received an iPhone 3, an iPhone 4, and a fusion card from Yu-Gi-Oh instead.

Apple has also eliminated the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, allowing a larger battery and haptic motor. This change is consistent with Apple's claims of improved battery life.

The developer version of that beta is actually available now, but of course, you must be a developer to get it up and running on your phone.

Along with the release of the new iPhone each year usually comes an updated operating system. Those of you who try and download it now shouldn't run into the same download times. The iPhone 7 Plus has a 12MP wide-angle and telephoto cameras with optical zoom up to 2x and digital zoom up to 10x. However, whether it's worth upgrading to is another matter entirely. But, a well known iOS hacker has managed to jailbreak Apple's latest OS.

There's not now much else to worry about. Whether you upgrade or not will come down to how useful you think the iPhone 7's new features are.

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