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How the Trump Organization's foreign business ties could upend national security

1468970434_160719_trump_kids_ivanka_don_jr_eric_getty This Newsweek investigation shows how dangerous Trump's business interests could be for America
Rufina Vignone | 15 Settembre, 2016, 12:44

"That is a chilling example of the many looming conflicts of interest in a Trump presidency", the weekly noted.

One of Trump's most troubling business entanglements is in Turkey, a critical USA ally in the fight against ISIL in the Middle East.

During her appearance on ABC's "Good Morning America" Wednesday, Ivanka Trump was asked about what her family would do to prevent any potential conflicts of interest.

Speaking to CNN, corporate law professor Richard Painter likened Trump's conflicting business interests to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson's plantations and slave holdings leading up the Civil War.

"What I am being told is that Turkey's cooperation with the United States, in terms of providing an air base where we are able to launch bombers against ISIS would be at risk if Donald Trump was president", he said.

The Trump Organization - a privately owned global conglomerate - provides Trump and his family members with hundreds of millions of dollars each year in personal income.

Newsweek reporter Kurt Eichenwald dropped a bombshell report on Donald Trump's shady business dealings this week, and he's been making the rounds on cable news to explain why Trump's businesses represent a "national security nightmare" for the United States.

The Trump Organization poses a threat to United States security interests and could open a Pandora's box if Trump is elected, considering his links to Russian Federation.

A Donald Trump presidency could be deeply conflicted, if he and his family will not permanently sever ties with the Trump Organization, a Newsweek investigation has found.

Unlike Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton's familial link to The Clinton Foundation, which has come under intense scrutiny during her campaign, The Trump Organization is a for-profit entity that comes with a set of contractual obligations that Trump can not easily sever - meaning it is likely he would take those business connections into the White House. Eichenwald said that "the head of that organization, who, again, very politically connected, very tied into the Putin government, backed away from the deal because Trump wanted too much money".

Trump would undoubtedly have the most expensive and complex worldwide business portfolio of any president in the U.S. history, which would bring an added layer of scrutiny to almost every foreign policy decision Trump would make as president.

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