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Kids consume over twice recommended level of sugar: United Kingdom study

Irish Budget Kids consume over twice recommended level of sugar: United Kingdom study
Irmina Pasquarelli | 12 Settembre, 2016, 09:36

Children under ten consume more than double the recommended sugar allowance despite attempts to cut down on soft drinks, official figures show.

British primary school children get more than 10 per cent of their calories from sugar, well above the 5 per cent recommended for their age group. "At a time when one in three 10-year-old children are overweight or obese, and one in three five-year-olds has tooth decay, the health risks posed by failure to tackle sugar intake are serious", the Daily Mail quoted Neena Modi, Professor at the Imperial College London as saying.

The survey is based on around 21,000 people in Britain who were asked to keep a diary of their eating habits for four days, "the Telegraph" reported.

Sugar intake is almost three times the recommended limits for people of all ages, according to figures published yesterday by Public Health England.

About one-fifth of five-year-olds and one-third of 11-year-olds are overweight or obese. Children aged four to 10 have diets in which 13 per cent of their daily calorie intake comes from saturated fat.

While it is encouraging that young children are having fewer sugary drinks, they still have far too much sugar in their diet overall, along with teenagers and adults, suggested the study.

Figures from the national diet and nutrition survey show that 11 to 18-year-olds eat a diet that is made up of 15 per cent sugar - three times the recommended amount.

One in three children leaving primary school and nearly two in three adults are overweight or obese which makes them prone to developing heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and many types of cancer.

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