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Apple won't tell anyone how many iPhone 7s it sells

Apple AirPods Stephen Lam Getty Images
Rufina Vignone | 09 Settembre, 2016, 10:32

The redesigned earbuds - with cord - will be included with the new iPhones.

Now it's headsets: spending on wireless headsets overtook wired ones a year ago, says Steven LeBoeuf, founder of Valencell, a developer of biometric sensor technology for wearable devices. While the company sold almost 92 million iPhones in the first six months of this year, that's about 15 percent fewer than the same period last year.

The 3.5-millimeter analogue jack for wired headsets dates back more than a century, and it was time for someone to "break from the past and start pushing people into the future", Creative Strategies analyst Tim Bajarin said after the event.

The Cupertino, California-based smartphone maker has sometimes shared early pre-order numbers and usually has announced how many iPhones were sold on the weekend after the device officially became available. Apple says the main camera is brighter at f/1.8, has a 50 percent brighter flash, and can create better photos with a more powerful image processor. That will be the iPhone's 10th anniversary. That's something Jobs was famous for whenever he showed off new products.

Once synced to an iPhone via an iCloud storage account, the pods will be able to pair with all of the users' other Apple devices.

One thing the Apple Watch 2 won't have is cellular connectivity, which differentiates it from the Samsung Gear S2 or upcoming Gear S3 smartwatch. I love my shiny gadgets as much as the next person, but Apple's missing earphone jack is a painful reminder of the personal, economic, environmental and moral costs of never-ending updates. (Beyond the marketing speak they used to justify it yesterday, that is.) They could be trying to grab some lightning port licensing dollars as peripherals shift to the technology, but with the lightning-to-headphone adapter, that seems unlikely to be the real reason, since they're providing everyone with a built-in way around that. It's practically the company saying they're not doing the right thing.

Fitbit has one swim-proof model and Garmin has a few, but the capability isn't common.

The price of admission to the Apple Watch Series 2 will be S$548 for both 38mm aluminium and stainless steel cases - S$30 more than the previous cheapest Series 1 model. The updates are coming September 16.

However, there are still some people on Twitter excited about the new Apple Watch.

Ian Fogg, IHS Technology's head of mobile analysis, said: "Apple needs the iPhone 7 to be a major success because it is the main driver of growth for the whole company". And it has two ports: a lightning port and a 3.5mm audio jack.

MORE: You got a gift card you don't want. Some consumers and analysts are considering waiting until 2017. This is according to The Verge who were told by Apple that it will play nicely with non-Apple products since it is at its core a Bluetooth headset. But some rival phones are already water resistant, and I'd note that the iPhone 7 isn't actually waterproof.

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