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Boorman, longtime coach of Simone Biles, heading to Florida

U.S. Gymnastics team coach Aimee Boorman stands with Simone Biles during the women's team final at the World Gymnastics Championships at the Hydro arena in Glasgow Scotland REUTERS REUTERS Simone Biles Breaks Up With Her Gymnastics Coach Of 11 Years ‘Life Moves On’ Share
Elettra Stolfi | 01 Settembre, 2016, 03:07

Boorman is joining Sarasota's EVO Athletics as the Executive Director of Women's Gymnastics.

"Coaching gymnastics is my passion and my life".

"My vision for what a gymnastics facility should be is reflected in EVO", Boorman said in a statement. She was also the head coach of the United States of America women's gymnastics team at the 2016 Olympics.

But Biles is also a 19-year-old, who, when not tumbling in the air, enjoys the same pop culture as many other teenagers.

As for their future relationship, Boorman said that she and Simone will always be close.

She's been her coach since she was 8 years old and is no doubt the driving force behind her Olympic success. Move to Sarasota, of course.

USA star Simone Biles got the golden finale she craved in Rio with a fourth women's crown but former gymnastics power China leaves the Games without a title for the first time in 32 years. "I know everyone here is interested in nurturing children and bringing them up to be the best they can be". She will oversee the Evo Athletics women's gymnastic program. "I think we are going to be seeing people coming from all over the country, not just to visit, but (to) relocate for this". "These parents are so dedicated to their kids and they travel two hours sometimes to commute".

"I don't think they need to live in the gym".

Boorman is to be introduced at the facility Tuesday.

"I knew she was going to be an wonderful athlete and I knew she had a great spirit". Boorman's family is relocating to Florida, and that simply makes it impossible for her to coach Simone as regularly. James Boorman is a golf course architect.

What Boorman's move means for Biles is not certain. "I got a great job and my wife cultivated a great opportunity".

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